Major release of Showtime. The code since 2.0 has undergone a lots of rewrites.


  • The GLW (Gl Widgets) framework has been vastly improved. All layout and UI components are now 100% reconfigurable. This deserves an article of its own and I hope to be able to produce such a thing.
  • Showtime is now 100% URL based. Ie. everything in Showtime is accessed via URLs. This has simplified a lot of code and makes the program itself more flexible.
  • Bookmarks. The main page is more or less a list of bookmarks pointing to media resources of choice.
  • Improved A/V sync code.
  • Lots and lots of code cleanup and generalization.

Linux port

  • Tested on Ubuntu (8.04, 8.10, 9.04), Debian (Lenny)
  • Now also works fine with ATI card (Previously only nvidia worked)
  • Better integration with X11. (Multi-key composition, listens to window manager events, etc)
  • Initial work has begun on a GTK frontend.

OS/X port

  • Tested on 10.4 and 10.5

Nintendo Wii (Homebrew)

  • Initial work for porting Showtime to Wii has begun. Most components works (Userinterface, Wiimote, Audio, Filesystem access, Networking). Still to do is the display of moving Video.

Media sources

  • Integration with libspotify allows Showtime to stream music directly from Spotify (providing you have a Spotify Premium account)
  • HTSP client (protocol used to talk with to Tvheadend) upgraded to HTSP version 2 (also what's used by XBMC)
  • HTTP client (also includes a Apache index page parser)
  • Webdav client. Browse directly to webdav://host/path
  • ZIP Archive support. Browsing and decompression directly in ZIP archives.
  • RAR Archive support. Browsing of uncompressed RAR files (Most RAR archives are uncompressed).