SPMC (Showtime Plugin Management Console)

Plugins in Showtime are managed in a central repository called SPMC (Showtime Plugin Management Console)

The management is hosted here: https://showtimemediacenter.com/spmc/

To use the management console you need to first register an account. Once that's done you can login to the console and administer the plugins you are owner of (ie. plugin you have uploaded).

First steps

To upload a new plugin simply click on the "Upload plugin package" button just above the list. You will be prompted to upload a ZIP archive. Once uploaded the new version of the plugin will appear to the right. By right mouse button click you can 'Publish' the plugin. This will send request for aprovement of the plugin to SPMC admin. After SPMC admin approves the request the plugin will be available to all Showtime users. If you change your mind you can also 'Revoke' or even 'Delete' the plugin.


After the plugin have been uploaded the SPMC Administration will get a notification to approve or reject the plugin. This step is a safety measure to avoid malicious or weird code getting into Showtime installations. Since a lot of kids use media centers at home, pornographic or other kind of adult content will be rejected since currently Showtime lacks a parental advisory / content classification system.

More about uploading and versioning

You can only upload a specific version of a plugin once. You are also not (obviously) allowed to upload a plugin that's owned by someone else.

If you want to abandon something you have the option of deleting a plugin. Please never delete plugins that are live (published and approved) since it might confuse users. Also note that deleting a plugin in SPMC will not delete it in Showtime at the end users. If you need to fix something in a version that has been live it's much better to create a new version where the bug is fixed and publish that. Showtime will by default automatically upgrade the plugins and it seems most users leave this setting on.

Upstream URL

If your plugin is hosted on github you can add the URL to GitHub's ZIP download URL in the "Upstream URL" field. Then pressing the "Download from upstream" will tell SPMC to download the ZIP archive from GitHub and try to ingest it. The normal checks apply.

For example for the https://github.com/andoma/showtime-plugin-svtplay plugin the ZIP url would be https://github.com/andoma/showtime-plugin-svtplay/archive/master.zip

Beta testing

If you want to let users beta test your plugin you can enter a beta password in the plugin setting view. Any user that have the same password configured in Showtime's Settings -> General can get you plugin even if it is not approved yet. You can use multiple betapasswords in Showtime's Settings -> General - just separate them by space.