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h1. How to publish plugins

Starting with Movian 6.0 supports multiple feed of plugins. For more information how to add new feeds to Movian see [[PluginFeeds|this article.]]

Note: There is no longer a central plugin repository hosted at this site. See [[PluginRepoRemoval|this article for more info]]

The easiest way to publish plugins is to commit each of them to a public repo at github.

See for an example how this should look.

Then you can use the movian-repo tool found at to generate plugin feeds.

Currently this tool only work with github hosted plugins.

h2. Create a feed

Edit a text file called @[email protected] and fill it with one github repo name per line, for example:


Run it like this:
python -i repos.txt -o repo.json

Then you can upload this file on github pages or host it in any way you like. Then give the URL to your users.

h2. Aggergate Feeds

If the same plugin (referred to by its @[email protected] in the feed) is found in multiple feeds it will still be considered a single plugin.

Therefore it should be possible for people to create aggregate feeds which contain all listings from other feeds, etc.

There is currently no automated tooling for this.