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Andreas Smas, 09/20/2011 09:40 AM

PS3 usage guide

Getting started

Download files here

PS3 demo video: by klurosu

For a full featureset of Showtime see

Video output

Showtime on PS3 has been tested with 576i, 720p and 1080i video resolutions.

I've tried to set reasonable defaults for overscan compensation. But if it not correct for you it can be adjusted under Settings -> Display and UI settings

Buttons on controller

✕ Activate (Enter) currently focused item
○ Navigate back
△ Bring up options / playcontrol menu
□ Screensaver (a blank screen until something better has been figured out)
► Play/Pause
▬ Home menu
✜ Navigate

L3 - Bring up playback info (During video playback)
R3 - Bring up log console


Plugging in a standard keyboard in the PS3 USB port works and is currently the only way to input characters.
No virtual keyboard is supported at the moment.

Other stuff that does not work

  • BD/DVD/CD Discs - No idea how that works


There are probably plenty of those. Please use the issue tracker at

Build it yourself!?

Start by reading README here: