Hardware keyboards key mappings (All platforms)

Key(s) Action
Enter Pause/Unpause videoplayback, Enter folder, Play file/item
Tab/Shift+Tab Move the cursor to the next/previous item
Left/Right Seek backward/forward (while playing a video)
Up/Down Volume up/down (while playing a video)
Backspace/Esc Return to the previous page
Space Pause/Unpause (while playing a video)
Page Up Page up in the lists / Play previous item/channel
Page Down Page down in the lists / Play next item/channel
Home Move the cursor to the beginning of the list
End Move the cursor to the end of the list
F1 Toggle page menu
F2 Toggle playback status window
F3 Toggle item menu
F4 Toggle debug log
F5 Reloads UI
F6 Toggle system info window
F8 Stop playing
F9 Switch UI view style
F11 Toggle fullscreen mode
F12 Switch UI to GTK
Shift+F1 Open playqueue window
Shift+F2 Skip Back (play previous item in the playqueue)
Shift+F3 Skip Forward (play next item in the playqueue)
Shift+F4 Screensaver
Shift+F5 Reload Movian and currently running plugin
Shift+F7 Seek backward
Shift+F8 Pause/Unpause
Shift+F9 Seek forward
Shift+F10 Mute/unmute sound
Shift+F11 Decrease sound volume
Shift+F12 Increase sound volume
Shift+Arrows Move items (where it's possible)
Alt+Left/Right Move between opened pages
Alt+F4 Close Movian window (quit Movian) Ubuntu specific combo
Command+Q Close Movian window (quit Movian) OS X specific combo

PS3 DualShock 3 controller button mappings

Button Normal + Select
Activate (enter or play) currently focused item
Navigate back Stop playback
Bring up options for current page Switch view
Bring up options for currently focused item
During video playback: Will show info
Play/Pause Go to playqueue
Navigate cursor, press harder to move faster
During video playback left and right can be used to seek
Move items (where possible)
L1 Skip back
For audio: Previous track
For video: Previous chapter
R1 Skip forward
For audio: Next track
For video: Next chapter
L2 Seek backward
R2 Seek forward
L3 Show system info and temperatures
R3 Show system log

Press ✕ in a text box to bring up on screen keyboard. Alternatively you can connect a standard keyboard in the PS3 USB port.
Note: In some regions the ✕ and ○ buttons are swapped. This is also done in Movian.

RPi CEC remote control default button mappings (video playback mode):

Key Action
OK/Select/Play/Pause Toggles pause
Up/Down Increase/Decrease Volume
Left/Right Seek backward/forward
Stop Stops video playback/Acts as prefix key
Return/Exit Return to previos page
<< Play previous item
>> Play next item

RPi remote control with limited number of buttons mapped to CEC commands. Stop key acts as a prefix key.

Combo Action
Stop+Select/OK Acts as return/exit key
Stop+Play Toggles item menu
Stop+Pause Brings up settings menu