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h1. Movian 4.10 - List of features

h2. Supported platforms

* Linux (developed on Ubuntu)
* OS X
* RPi v1 and v2
* PS3

h2. File browsing

* Local file system
* on PS3 and RPi external USB drives (including NTFS) are automounted with read/write support
* Reads content and can play files from compressed ZIP and uncompressed RAR archives
* "SMB / CIFS":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Message_Block - "Windows shares"
* "FTP":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_Transfer_Protocol - File Transfer Protocol
* "UPnP/DLNA":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UPnP
* "WebDAV":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebDAV
* Torrent client - can directly play audio/video file over bittorrent protocol as well as browsing the torrent file and playing torrent files via the magnet link

h2. Video streaming

* HTTP - direct file playing over HTTP/HTTPS protocols
* "HLS":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_Live_Streaming - HTTP Live Streaming. For multi bit rate streams Movian will select optimum stream based on available bandwidth. Streams with internal as well as external multitrack audio are supported.
* "RTMP":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_Time_Messaging_Protocol - Streaming protocol used for Flash players.
* "HTSP":https://tvheadend.org/projects/tvheadend/wiki/Htsp - Streaming of Live TV from "Tvheadend":https://tvheadend.org

h2. Audio streaming

* Icecast / Shoutcast

h2. Plugins

Movian supports plugins installed from a centralized repository. Some of the more popular plugins are Youtube, Navi-X, Twitch.tv, Opensubtitles, SVT Play.

For the full list of available plugins see "this link":/plugins/movian.

Plugins are, by default, automatically upgraded when a new version is available.

Developing plugins is easy. easy if you know javascript. See the [[PluginDevelopment]] wiki page for details. docs.

h2. Unified search

Searching using the toolbar on the home page will search in all installed plugins that support searching.

h2. In-application automatic upgrades.

On PS3 and RPi Movian can upgrade itself. In addition, on RPi it can also upgrade the entire "STOS operating system":/projects/stos.

The user can select to upgrade form three different tracks (In Settings -> General):

* Stable - Most stable version.
* Testing - Upgraded approximately bi-weekly depending on changes made and risk for severe bugs in the master branch.
* Bleeding Edge - Tracks master branch. Every commit made by the development team is a new release. Could be very unstable from time to time.

h2. File formats

* All formats supported by libav can be played. For instance, MKV, MOV, AVI, M2TS, etc. For a full list see "here":http://libav.org/general.html#Supported-File-Formats-and-Codecs. Currently Movian uses libav version 11.

h2. Codecs

* See "libav's list":http://libav.org/general.html#Video-Codecs for supported video decoders
* See "libav's list":http://libav.org/general.html#Audio-Codecs for supported audio decoders
* In addition to this Movian can also play various game music formats (not available on all platforms)

h2. Hardware accelerated video decoding

* PS3: Accelerated H.264 (up to level 4.2), MPEG-2
* RPi: Accelerated H.264 High 10 Profile (up to level 5.0), MPEG-4 (DivX, XviD), MPEG-2 (needs license), VC-1 (needs license). GPU accelerated VP6, VP8 (SD resolutions only), MJPEG, Ogg Theora (up to 720p)
* Linux: Accelerated H.264 using VDPAU (NVIDIA cards only)
* OS X: Accelerated H.264

h2. Audio output

* PS3: Multi channel audio streams are re-encoded to 6 or 8 channel DTS/AC3 or whatever end device supports (Limitation of PS3 LV2 operating system)
* Linux: Digital passthrough of DTS, AC3, E-AC3. For PCM output up to 32 bit 192kHz is supported depending on source content. Discrete multi channel output is also supported.
* RPi: Pass thru over HDMI. Or software decoded 8 or 2 channel PCM output.

h2. Built-in metadata lookup

* Artist and Album graphics are looked up using "last.fm":http://last.fm
* Movie metadata (including posters) are looked up via "themoviedb.org":http://themoviedb.org
* TV shows (including posters) are looked up via "thetvdb.org":http://thetvdb.org
* Metadata lookup can be turned on/off per folder. (Default on)
* Options exist for user to choose if multiple results are available. A custom search query can also be entered.

h2. Supported subtitle formats (External files)

* DVD Subtitles and VOBSUB
* SUB (Microdvd)
* TMPlayer
* Automatic code page detection using language heuristics
* On the fly decompression of .zip files and .gz files containing subtitles

h2. Network services

* Built in HTTP server available on port 42000. Currently this is mostly used for diagnostics and has HTTP control API.
* Built in FTP server. This is default disabled but can be enabled in Settings -> Network
* RPi (STOS) has included SSH server which can be enabled/disabled from Movian UI.
* RPi (STOS) has included Avahi service which allows to discover devices running Movian by using DNS name movian.local