Possible to translate Showtime (20 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas over 11 years ago

Starting from 3.1.35 it is possible to translate Showtime to different languages.

To change language in Showtime, just visit Settings -> Languages

Initially I've added a translation to Swedish (as it is my native language), see the translation file here

It's relatively easy to translate Showtime, for details how to do this, please read docs/translations.txt

Please, if you speak anything else than English or Swedish, don't hesitate to contribute! There is also a dedicated forum category for translations.

Showtime 3.0 (129 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 12 years ago

So I've finally gotten around to releasing 3.0, go get it here

It's pretty much the same as in 2.99.534 except that you can now arbitrarily zoom the video via a setting in the popup menu.

I'm leaving on a vacation tomorrow and wont bring the PS3 with me so don't expect any (tested) PS3 features the next weeks. I will hopefully find time to do a bunch of other non-platform depended features though.
Once I get back I hope to address all aspects of audio on the PS3, in particular:

  • AV sync problems
  • Digital output
  • Volume control

Have a nice summer!

showtime-2.99.534 (107 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 12 years ago

This is the last release (by me) before setting the 3.0 stamp. Hopefully there are no serious issues lurking and if so I hope to be able to release 3.0 in a couple of days.

I know there is still alot of bugs (although not as many as I would expect, to be honest) to be squashed and a lot more features to be implemented.

On top of this I have a lot more ideas in my head for stuff I would like to add. But as always, time is a limiting factor.

The new PS3 build are available at the usual place

A list of changes since 2.99.401 release:

  • Popup menu redesigned a bit
  • Add support for Windows 1251 codepage
  • upnp: Make sure that we really find subtitles when doing a blind probe. This bug has caused problems for some people making some video not start at all.
  • Make it possible to enter credentials in the auth popup that is not saved to disk
  • Add support for passing mimetypes internally. This speed up media loading and playback start.
  • ps3: Update XMB icon (better centered)
  • Make SRT subtitle discovery better
  • Add support for setting subtitle output delay
  • Add seek-by-thumbnail in the command popup menu (looks very bad on ps3 at the moment though)
  • ui: Redesign the auth popup
  • Improve the setting views
  • ps3: Add support for BD remote
  • Add support for cycling between audio and subtitle tracks using a single button
  • Make presentation of audio and subtitle tracks better
  • Improve subtitle rendering. There is a lot of changes here. see bc0cf58e and 76142920
  • ps3: Display all reasonable entries found in system VFS root as services on their own
  • ps3: If display operates in non-square pixel 16:9 mode, scale UI accordingly
  • Use's recently released 0.7 version (with a couple of bug fixes on top)

Showtime 2.99-401 for PS3 (22 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 12 years ago

A few embarrassing bugs slipped into the last release.
Here comes 2.99-401. Downloads available at the usual place

  • Fix alignment issues with subtitles.
    Make sure each rendered text line is aligned same way as the text bounding box
    Fixes ticket #497
  • Don't crash if text rendering fails
  • freetype: If we are unable to get a face with style modifiers, try to get one without
    It's ok since we can do italic and bold ourselfs. Before this Showtime crashed
  • httpclient: Fix regression with non-chunked transfered data
    Problem when reading last bytes of file (truncated reads)
    Affected playback of .mov/.mp4 files

Showtime 2.99.393 for PS3 (21 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 12 years ago

Files available at github

  • New PS3 icon in XMB (credits to gizmo)
  • Improved subtitle rendering (Can now do some styles, etc from SSA/ASS)
  • subtitles: Add support for Windows 1250 character encoding
  • Handle UTF-8 BOM in SRT files
  • Fix various bugs in PS3 Cell accelerated video decoder
  • Improve SRT scanner (Don't search on UPNP shares, only search parent folder and subs/ folder)
  • Faster navigation to new page when clicking on an item
  • Fixes for Twonky UPNP/DLNA server
  • Fix playback of some AVI files (Timestamp problems)
  • Plug a bunch of memory leaks
  • Handle <b> and <i> tags in SRT subs, skip other tags
  • Add settings for subtitles
    - Screen positioning (left, center, right)
    - Size adjustment (no longer scale from UI settings)
    - Possible to have Showtime always select a subtitle if one is found
  • Faster start of video playback from upnp (use mimetype to infer container format instead of probing)
  • Improve buffer management, see 7ecd2e76
  • Improve performance of browsing RAR archives
  • Make work again
  • Support SRT files from minidlna server

Have fun!

Showtime now depends on libav 0.7 (14 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 12 years ago

I've decided to move Showtime to depend on what-will-be libav 0.7. For those of you that build for Linux distributions this will most likely break the build. But have no fear! There are instructions for how to build libav so it works fine with Showtime in Showtime's README file

New release 2.99-284 (27 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 12 years ago

Mostly bugfixes in this release, here are the highlights:

  • ps3: Fix video bitrate calculation when using SPU decoder
  • Fix bitmapped subtitle formats (VOBSUB) on bigendian (such as PS3) systems. Ticket #433
  • Fix scanning of SRT subtitles Ticket #408.
  • webdavclient: Strip 'http://host' in webdav responses before parsing. Ticket #426
  • linux: Prefer openssl over libssl
  • ps3: Use system fonts (Latin, Japanese, Korean, Chinese) so lots of more characters should work now
  • subtitles: Autodetect encoding of SRT files
  • ps3: Fix seeking bugs when playing with cell acceleration
  • ps3: Force cell decoder into level 4.2 even if content is 5.x
  • Add support for all ISO 8859 character encodings and make it configurable in Language -> Settings which default character encoding to use for SRT files.

Download are available here

Showtime can do 1080p on the PS3 (40 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 12 years ago

I've hooked up Showtime to the video decoder libraries already present on the PS3. This will accelerate h264 (Up to level 4.2) and MPEG2 video decoding so it can play up to 1080p content.

New versions of Showtime are available for download here: pkg self

If you want to make sure that the Cell acceleration is actually used you can press L3 during video playback to see the status window.
Make sure that the video codec mentions (Cell) at the end of the row. Just like in this screenshot

You're welcome!

Showtime now available for PS3 (15 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas about 12 years ago

After about a month of hacking I'm happy to announce that Showtime now can be run as a native "homebrew" application on the PS3. See PS3 usage guide for more information of how to get started.

If you have any questions please use the PS3 forum on this site

Showtime's webpage updated (3 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas about 12 years ago

Today I finally got around to updating Showtime's webpage.

The screenshots and features were so much out of date that I was reluctant to even give the URL to people asking about Showtime.

Anyway, now when the site have moved from a lousy web hosting site to a decent VPS I have much better tools for keeping the site a bit more up to date and also the news feed is much easier to edit since it's based on the news feature in redmine.

I also have some really cool stuff up my sleeve that I hope to be able to release in one or two weeks. Talk to you then!

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