Movian official Telegram channel

Added by Andreas Smas almost 7 years ago

Movian now have an official Telegram channel where you can reach the developers. To join simply follow this link:

Beta testers wanted for Movian on iPhone and iPad (5 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas about 7 years ago

Movian remote control (6 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas about 7 years ago

I've finally finished a project I've been working on for a long time.

Movian Remote Control

To put it simply it let you use Movian as a remote to control itself on another device.
For example, you can use Movian on your Android Phone or Table to control Movian on your Playstation or Raspberry Pi.

Available from Movian 5.0.39 and up.

All running Movians on your local network will appear inside the Local Network item found on the Home screen.

Tap the Movian icon and you will immediately gain control of the device. Both user interfaces will now work in lock-step.

You can even have multiple controllers connected simultaneously and all will stay in sync with each other.

Video playback

During video playback an alternate screen is shown on the controlling devices rather than also dispalying the video. All controls and settings are also found on the controlling device.

Makes it very easy to select subtitles, adjust video pan, etc without disrupting the main view.


The ability for a device to be remote controlled can be turned off in Settings -> Network

You can pin devices to the Home screen on your controller in Settings -> Discovered Media Sources

Hope you'll like it. I certainly do.

Over and out,

Movian 5.0 (8 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas about 7 years ago

Finally I've decided to put the 5.0 release out. Downloads are available here

This release comes with a new user interface which works better with touch devices as Movian is now also available in Google Play store, get it here

Highlights from this version, in no particular order:

  • New "flat" user interface
  • Official Mac OS X builds (with built-in updater)
  • Official Android builds (with built-in updater)
  • Improved screen saver
  • Better video decoding support on Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi 3 supported
  • Show current time in top-right corner
  • Hardware accelerated video decoding on Android

Have fun!

Movian available for Raspberry Pi 3 (2 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas over 7 years ago

STOS (The operating system running Movian on RPI) has been upgraded to support Raspberry Pi 3 (Including on-board WiFi)

Downloads are available here:

Movian now available as a Chrome Web App (5 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas over 7 years ago

During the last year I've spent some time now and then on porting Movian to Google Chrome Apps (aka Native Clients). I now think it's stable enough for general use. It should be mostly on-par feature-wise with the "normal" versions. If you notice anything, please let me know.

So with no further ado: Get Movian in Google Chrome Web Store

Have fun

Movian 4.10 Released (7 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 8 years ago

This release is mostly about stability and improvement of already present features. In particular the HLS streamer received a lot of love. Downloads are available here

New generic features

  • Deprecated SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine is removed. New plugin engine Duktape (ecmascript) is updated
  • Added magnet torrent links support
  • Support browsing local network for Windows/Samba servers and also browsing shared folders on each server.
  • Upgrade to libav 11

Vastly improved HLS demuxer

  • More robust streaming of live content.
  • Support for supplementary audio tracks (multiple languages, etc).
  • Improved adaptive bitrate switching.

Raspberry Pi specific features

  • Support for Raspberry Pi 2.
  • Audio pass-thru over HDMI.
  • Automatic deinterlacing of interlaced content.
  • Automount and show USB drives on start page.

The future

I will now start working on the 5.0 release which will focus on an updated user interface. Stay tuned...

Have fun!
/Andreas - Project leader

Call for translators

Added by Andreas Smas almost 8 years ago

The 4.10 release is soon about to arrive and some of the translations are in desperate need of updates.

For information how to update or create translations please see the Translation page on the wiki.

Here is the full list of all translations and how many translations that are missing from each variant. Those with many items missing will be removed if nobody takes ownership and update them.

Processing lang/cs_CZ.lang (Czech / Česky) maintained by Jirka Dutka <[email protected]>
  220 translations missing
Processing lang/de_DE.lang (German / Deutsch) maintained by Maximilian Jänsch <[email protected]>
  71 translations missing
Processing lang/dk_DK.lang (Danish / Dansk) maintained by Klaus Rauteberg <[email protected]>
  42 translations missing
Processing lang/el_EL.lang (Greek / Ελληνικά) maintained by ananias47 & panos kosmo [email protected] 
  102 translations missing
Processing lang/fr_FR.lang (French / Français) maintained by Niconico27
  50 translations missing
Processing lang/it_IT.lang (Italian / Italiano) maintained by Red Squirrel <[email protected]>
  0 translations missing
Processing lang/nl_NL.lang (Dutch / Nederlands) maintained by GuardianSoul, eussNL
  166 translations missing
Processing lang/pl_PL.lang (Polish / Polski) maintained by Cichy <[email protected]>
  0 translations missing
Processing lang/pt_BR.lang (Brazilian Portuguese / Português Brasileiro) maintained by Alexandre Zia <[email protected]>
  163 translations missing
Processing lang/pt_PT.lang (Portuguese / Português) maintained by andreus sebes
  141 translations missing
Processing lang/ru_RU.lang (Russian / Русский ) maintained by pvc1 <[email protected]> 
  50 translations missing
Processing lang/si_SI.lang (Slovenian / Slovenski) maintained by Drago Kraner <[email protected]>
  225 translations missing
Processing lang/sk_SK.lang (Slovak / Slovensky) maintained by lubek76 <[email protected]>
  220 translations missing
Processing lang/sp_SP.lang (Spanish / Español) maintained by Diego Franco <[email protected]>
  71 translations missing
Processing lang/sv_SV.lang (Swedish / Svenska) maintained by Andreas Öman <[email protected]>
  0 translations missing
Processing lang/zh_CN.lang (Simplified Chinese / 简体中文) maintained by Rural Hunter<[email protected]>
  15 translations missing
Processing lang/zh_TW.lang (Traditional Chinese / 正體中文) maintained by Chinghan Yu<[email protected]>
  220 translations missing

Showtime will be renamed to Movian (3 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

I have decided to give this project a new name. This was not an easy decision but still a necessary one.

The new name will be Movian

The reasons for this is mainly that the name Showtime is used by a big US TV network. Thus it is currently hard to find Showtime by just googling it. Also, as I plan to release Showtime in various app stores in near future it may result in naming conflicts or even rejections.

The transition will be gradual with changes both to the application itself and this website which will eventually be migrated into

Hopefully it should be as transparent and painless as possible for the users.

More updates will follow as the migration continues.

You can follow Movian's Twitter account at

Andreas - Project leader

Showtime 4.8 released (8 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

Finally time for a new release just before 2014 ends. In total 183 issues have been filed and fixed

Major changes

  • Add support for streaming directly from bittorrent peer-to-peer network.
  • Improved HLS streamer, in particular better support for live streams and quicker adaption between bitrates.
  • New javascript engine for plugins ( which is actively maintained and offers much better support than Spidermonkey. Spidermonkey is now deprecated and will be removed for 5.0 so plugin authors are urged to port their plugins.
  • Major rewrite of user interface rendering code. This is a preparation for Showtime 5.0 which will sport a new user interface.

Minor changes

  • It's now possible to turn off automatic browsing of archives (ZIP and RAR) as folders.
  • It's now possible to configure the amount of time Showtime skips when seeking backward and forwards. Settings available in settings -> video playback.
  • Since February 2014 (Showtime version 4.5.108), clearing metadata does not erase playcount, resume point, etc. Update the 'Clear metadata...' -warning text to r
    eflect this.
  • Add support for video panning during playback.

Improve User Interface when streaming from Tvheadend:

  • Added show description and name of next show to TV playdeck.
  • If a channel has an icon, display that instead of Display.png in list view.
  • Added tv show description to iteminfo view.
  • Sort channels based on channelNumber set in Tvheadend's user interface.

Ps3 specific

  • Fix interlaced h264 playback
  • Display HDD utilization in sysinfo overlay

Raspberry Pi specific

  • Fix broken AV sync when streaming from Tvheadend

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