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Anything that does not fit elsewhere
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RE: No local network
About the forum itself
Suggest new categories, questions?
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RE: Closing solved threads
User interface, skinning, etc
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Scraped cover art archived locally
Discussion about plugins
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RE: ArenaBG / Zamunda.Net / subsBG Plugins
For discussion translations of Showtime
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RE: Dutch Translation
Linux related things
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RE: How to make Movian work on (L)Ubuntu 14.04
Stuff related to PS3 port
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YOUTUBE on 4.10.41
Mac OS/X related things
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RE: OSD enabled via mouse and stuck
Raspberry Pi port
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RE: movian + jessie + other services, for example: tvhea...
Android specific things
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RE: Android intel x86 support?
Google Native Client
Discussions specific to the Google Native Client port
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RE: How does Google decision to phase out Apps affect us?
iPhone and iPad
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RE: Plugin support in iOS

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