Tvheadend have moved

Added by Andreas Smas about 8 years ago

Tvheadend have been moved to its own domain

Attachments in the cloud (9 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas over 9 years ago

Thanks to this great redmine plugin all attachments (in tickets, forum posts, etc) are now hosted on Amazon S3. It will eventually cost the project a tiny sum of money but I think it's worth it. To celebrate (?) this I've also cranked up the maximum limit for attachments to 500 MB.

Some of you have avoided attaching content to tickets to avoid exposing content to the public. If you want to avoid that you can mark the ticket as 'private' and only developers will be able to access the ticket and its attachments. outage (22 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 10 years ago

Yesterday (25th of April) had an outage rendering the website inaccessible for almost 24 hours.

I think the root cause of the problem was a bug in Phusion Passenger (the glue between Apache and the Ruby on Rails app) causing all worker processes to set themselves as immune to the OOM killer. This is obviously very bad as it causes the Linux kernel to kill all other (much more important) processes first in case of a low memory condition.

I've upgraded Passenger to a new version where this bug is fixed. Also our fellow hosting provider has doubled the amount of RAM available to the server so a similar outage should hopefully not happen again.

What's going on with Tvheadend? (11 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 10 years ago

People ask now and then if the Tvheadend project is dead because there are not many updates and activity surrounding it.

Let me answer that by saying that Tvheadend is not dead but I do have put my development of it on hold for a while. Why?

When the possibility of homebrew coding for the PS3 appeared during this winter I immediately started to port Showtime to the PS3. After releasing the first version Showtime got a lot of traction (going from 3 to 3000 users or something like that). I also get a lot of feedback and bug reports that particularly concerns multilingual aspects of the codebase which is not easy for me to test myself. Therefore I've continued to work with Showtime during the spring and will probably do so until the summer to try to deliver some kind of reasonably useful version for the PS3. After this "initial" race have settled down I hope to be able to dedicate a little more time to Tvheadend as well.

best regards

Website now served over HTTPS (8 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas about 10 years ago

I've used the first money I've received from donations on buying a SSL certificate for

All links to the development part of the site ( should now be accessible over HTTPS. Personally I hate the snakeoil-self-signed-certificate Yes-I-Understand-The-Risks dance in browsers, so I thought it would be well spent money.

End of mailinglist (7 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas about 10 years ago

As previously announced on the mailinglist I've decided to remove it.

Instead users are urged to communicate using the forums instead. For Tvheadend go here and for Showtime, go here

If you find a category missing, please post about it in the General category.

Switching to GIT and Redmine (7 comments)

Added by Andreas Smas over 10 years ago

I have decided to move this project from Subversion and Trac to GIT and Redmine.

The reasons are many but in particular I long for the powerful branching support of GIT and I do miss decent multi project support in TRAC.

So the code for Showtime and Tvheadend now resides on

Issues and milestones are migrated to separated projects in Redmine, see Showtime and Tvheadend.

All users from Trac are migrated, but all passwords are cleared, so no-one can login without resetting their passwords. For users that provided their email address this can be done directly using the 'lost password' feature. Others will need to contact me.


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