Movian now available as a Chrome Web App

Added by Andreas Smas almost 5 years ago

During the last year I've spent some time now and then on porting Movian to Google Chrome Apps (aka Native Clients). I now think it's stable enough for general use. It should be mostly on-par feature-wise with the "normal" versions. If you notice anything, please let me know.

So with no further ado: Get Movian in Google Chrome Web Store

Have fun


Added by Ema Nymton almost 5 years ago

Wooow when are you gonna stop, man? ;) This is seriously awesome!

Added by Andreas Smas almost 5 years ago

I'll never stop ;-)

Added by Dean Kasabow almost 5 years ago

I'm using latest Google Chrome on Windows7 32bit with 4GB RAM and I get this:

Allocated 134217728 bytes of persistant storage.
index.html:1 SYSTEM [INFO ]:: Movian 4.99.602.g5a6d0 starting. 0 CPU cores. Systemtype:NaCl OS:<unknown>
index.html:1 Network [DEBUG]:: Got network update 2 networks
index.html:1 Network [DEBUG]:: {F6CC1450-386A-4679-8368-69DC757F9DFC} - Up
index.html:1 Network [DEBUG]:: Address
index.html:1 Network [DEBUG]:: {A2FC8F33-05B6-4E42-B377-EDE712FC2BB9} - Up
index.html:1 Network [DEBUG]:: Address
index.html:1 Network [DEBUG]:: Total netifs: 2 0x3ee28e50
index.html:1 core [DEBUG]:: Loading resources from bundle://
index.html:1 core [DEBUG]:: Cache path: cache:///cache
index.html:1 cache [DEBUG]:: Unable to open index cache:///cache/bc2/index.dat -- File not found
index.html:1 blobcache [INFO ]:: Initialized: 0 items consuming 0.00 MB (out of maximum 1000.00 MB) on disk in cache:///cache/bc2
index.html:1 core [DEBUG]:: Persistent path: persistent:///persistent
index.html:1 Cache [DEBUG]:: System time seems valid. Accepting writes
index.html:1 SQLITE [ERROR]:: recovered 7 frames from WAL file persistent:///persistent/kvstore/kvstore.db-wal (code: 0x11b)
index.html:1 DB [DEBUG]:: Opened database persistent:///persistent/kvstore/kvstore.db pages: free=0 total=7
index.html:1 NativeClient: NaCl module crashed

Added by I Dove almost 5 years ago

Only black screen.
Lubuntu 14.04 / Google Chrome Version 46.0.2490.86 (64-bit).

Added by I Dove over 4 years ago

Now after another test:
Movian icon is rotating endlessly...
"Movian is finalizing the install, please wait...
This can take up one minute and will only happen once after install or upgrade."