Movian 4.10 Released

Added by Andreas Smas almost 8 years ago

This release is mostly about stability and improvement of already present features. In particular the HLS streamer received a lot of love. Downloads are available here

New generic features

  • Deprecated SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine is removed. New plugin engine Duktape (ecmascript) is updated
  • Added magnet torrent links support
  • Support browsing local network for Windows/Samba servers and also browsing shared folders on each server.
  • Upgrade to libav 11

Vastly improved HLS demuxer

  • More robust streaming of live content.
  • Support for supplementary audio tracks (multiple languages, etc).
  • Improved adaptive bitrate switching.

Raspberry Pi specific features

  • Support for Raspberry Pi 2.
  • Audio pass-thru over HDMI.
  • Automatic deinterlacing of interlaced content.
  • Automount and show USB drives on start page.

The future

I will now start working on the 5.0 release which will focus on an updated user interface. Stay tuned...

Have fun!
/Andreas - Project leader


Added by Max Lourenço almost 8 years ago

Thank you for all your work.
This is still the best homebrew software for the PS3.
I hope Movian can grow in Raspberry in the future.
I think it's speed and simplicity can beat feature packed solutions like Kodi.
Showtime keeps things simple. Few cliks and you can access your movies, audio, pictures.
Please keep that in mind when rethinking the GUI in future versions. Less sometimes is more :)

Added by Rural Hunter almost 8 years ago

Very nice! Looking forward to the version 5.0!

Added by Andreas Smas almost 8 years ago

"Less is more" is my main guidance for the new UI.

Added by - SBP - almost 8 years ago

You have done a fantastic job so far & you are always so open to users ideas & feedback. I say cheers to you! You make my ps3 so very used. Lol keep it up. This is a fantastic app & I look forward to what the ui changes will bring to everyone.

Added by M O over 7 years ago

This is one of the best things on my CFW PS3!

Thanks so much to all the people developing etc


Where do we/I donate at ?

Added by Florin Calin over 7 years ago

Thank you for the work you're grabbing! I'm hoping that someday he will leave a solution for SBS traduction. I hope you bring in version 5.0. Good day.;)

Added by Eden T over 7 years ago

Will you please add RTL anytime soon? Your work is amazing and would be perfect if you just had this one core feature for all us Arab and Israeli users alike.