Showtime will be renamed to Movian

Added by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

I have decided to give this project a new name. This was not an easy decision but still a necessary one.

The new name will be Movian

The reasons for this is mainly that the name Showtime is used by a big US TV network. Thus it is currently hard to find Showtime by just googling it. Also, as I plan to release Showtime in various app stores in near future it may result in naming conflicts or even rejections.

The transition will be gradual with changes both to the application itself and this website which will eventually be migrated into

Hopefully it should be as transparent and painless as possible for the users.

More updates will follow as the migration continues.

You can follow Movian's Twitter account at

Andreas - Project leader


Added by Max Lourenço over 8 years ago

I agree, good to have a unique name.
Hope Movian will become more successful and more known than Showtime :)

Added by Jerome Morrow over 8 years ago

Good idea!! Maybe will be good too if we (the users) can have a little more control over the visuals aspects, specially for customization.

Best regards


Added by Devil H2O about 8 years ago

Great idea... now Showtime... hmmm Movian will have a unique identity.

Again... thanks for this fabulous software, you have brought web tv to my living room.