Showtime on the Raspberry Pi

Added by Andreas Smas almost 8 years ago

The Raspberry Pi port of Showtime is starting to come together so I though it's time to give a quick status update.

First off, what works.

  • User interface runs (albeit a bit slow)
  • h264 and MPEG-2 accelerated decoding. Tested with up to 1080p Bluray remuxes peaking at 30Mbps.
  • Stereo audio including downmix from multi channel audio
  • HDMI CEC - Controlling the UI using your TV's remote. So far only tested against Samsung TVs
  • All plugins including Spotify.

What does not work so good.

  • There are no auto generated or published builds.
  • Multi channel audio.
  • It's still a bit unstable.

A list of things that I will fix in the near future.

  • Improve user interface speed. I have a lot of ideas in the bag in order to speed things up. So I have a lot of faith here.
  • Multi channel audio support. Just need to buy a new A/V receiver first...
  • Hook up Showtime's auto build system so I can start generating continuous builds.
  • Create a Showtime distribution for the Raspberry Pi. This will allow users to just download a single SD image and get automatic updates of Showtime when new releases are published.

- Ok, great. But I want to test it now.

Sure, just read the section about building for Raspberry Pi in Showtime's README in the source repository.