Showtime 3.6 released

Added by Andreas Smas almost 9 years ago

It's old new by now but I released Showtime 3.6 a while ago.

Details about all bugs fixed and features added are available here

So what happens now?

I've changed the current version tagging of master to 3.99. That means that the next release will be 4.0.
4.0 will support automatic upgrades from within showtime itself and a lot of other goodies such as TMDB integration and hopefully a new theme.

Stay tuned.


Added by Ajith Thampi almost 9 years ago

yeaa go Andreas goo :-) can't wait to see the newer show time!

Added by K B almost 9 years ago

TMDB integration would be great. What are your plans?

Thanks for all your hard work!

Added by Mariano Flotron almost 9 years ago

Hi Andreas, it would be nice to add a function that automatically play the continuous file in the folder.
For ex. i use MKV splitter to split an MKV file to fit in fat32 and it would be nice that when finish playing the first starts with the second
(Titanic.mkv 8gb split in two 4gb parts Titanic-part1.mkv and Titanic-part2.mkv)

Added by Andreas Smas almost 9 years ago

Mariano, there is such a thing i 3.6, you just need to enable it in settings -> Video playback