Not much going on now but ...

Added by Andreas Smas almost 11 years ago

As you might have seen recently there has not been that much updates to the Showtime source repository. The reason for this is that i'm working on setting up automated builds. In the end this will (hopefully) generate new Showtime builds for all supported platforms and even make it possible for Showtime to autoupdate itself (if enabled by the user). This should reduce the need for unofficial builds of Showtime for the PS3 which most people use today because I'm too lazy to publish new versions on a daily basis.

The complete autobuild system is probably ~1 week away and then comes the additional work of adding support for autoupdating Showtime from itself.

Have faith!


Added by Mariano Flotron almost 11 years ago

I'll stay with official andreas!
This last version is working excelent, no more crashes (tested with 720p, didn't tested with 1080p yet) and i don't need to restart showtime anymore.
The audio is awesome with fiber optic cable 5.1.
And the movie now fit all the screen

Bugs/would be nice..

- I would add an option to change subtitle fonts.
- The other day a file name change in front my eyes to chinese, don't know why
- netflix? possible?
- youtube

Keep working like this!

Added by Girish Patel almost 11 years ago

I have to say self building showtime has been fun. It's got me interesting in how it works. I remember playing with the movie icon. I replaced it with an artwork cover. Only to see when I opened showtime, hundreds of the same video cover! haha. An auto-update would be fantastic. But all I'm waiting for now is movie artwork/covers. :)
Also I see that sqlite is starting to be used.

Added by andreus sebes almost 11 years ago


I have to say that will be a major milestone for this brilliant project showtime.
Can't wait for auto-update feature for Showtime on PS3!

One suggestion for Showtime on PS3: A contest for the logo and background image :D (like multiman did it)

Keep up the good work!

Added by andreus sebes almost 11 years ago

ups, sorry "Andreas"