3.2 released

Added by Andreas Smas over 9 years ago

3.2 is finally done. The changes from 3.1.228 is mostly bug fixes for multi-channel audio and video playback.

For a grand total of what was made in 3.2. See here

Or 250 files changed, 19482 insertions(+), 4878 deletions(-) as git diff --stat 3.1...3.2 would have put it.

As usual the official releases are available here.

If any more severe issues will arise in 3.2 I will make a 3.2.X release because the 3.3 will start off with quite a bumpy ride me thinks. Let's see what happens.



Added by Ajith Thampi over 9 years ago

Congrats. Great Milestone Completion.

Can't wait for that bumpy 3.3 Ride, All the way with ya guys!

Added by Girish Patel over 9 years ago

Fantastic news!!! Hopefully 3.3 will include video covers and info :)

Added by Trokal Smith over 9 years ago

Well done!! congrats on the awesome job!

Added by Cherif Mi over 9 years ago

i want to read arab sub titles in this awesome showtime ;) help plz..

Added by Özgün Can Özgüneş over 9 years ago

It's great, a lot of fixes.

But I'm wondering about SMB sharing, so I can share .mkv's directly from Windows itself.

And also for present usage, what program you advise to stream .mkv(1080p, external/embedded subtitles, 100Mb LAN) from Windows to PS3 showtime?

Added by Poseidon Pontomedon over 9 years ago

Whatever i try i can't get 3.2 to work on my 3.55 slim. it installs ok, but is not listed in the xmb. i can verify the /dev_hdd0/game/HTSS00003/ folder exists and looks ok.
when i then install showtime-3.1.126.g35e29 again (which i had before) showtime immediately appears in the xmb again.

I also tried uninstalling before installing, always the same result.

any thoughts?

Added by Poseidon Pontomedon over 9 years ago

update: the same thing happens with showtime-3.1.203.g477b9 and showtime-3.1.228.gbd329.
so nothing newer than showtime-3.1.126.g35e29 seems to work here.

Added by Mohammed Kamal over 9 years ago

Showtime 3.2 is succesfully detected my Laptop as Media Source, it can detect most of the videos I am sharing but MKVs are not detected. Why?
MKVs on USB flash drive can be detected but not through Media Source. Is it a limitation in Showtime plugin? Someone explain please.