3.1.228 released

Added by Andreas Smas almost 11 years ago

Another release.

This build adds support for multichannel audio output on PS3 (AC-3, DTS and 8 channel linear PCM). Note that due to how the PS3 audio frameworks applications can not output raw digital bitstreams. So Showtime still needs to decode the audio and than the PS3 will reencode the audio in the best available encoding mode the user has selected (or don't do any encoding at all if 8 channel PCM is available)

Still this is a major step compared to having just 2 channel stereo.

For all you who roll your own builds of Showtime, please note that you need latest version of my PSL1GHT fork for Showtime to build.

I've also fixed a major memory leak that manifested itself when rendering fonts with outline (which is default for subtitles). So if you watched a movie with subtitles the memory would drain and Showtime would eventually crash.

Another thing is the increase of packet buffer to 40MB in conjunction with some adjustments to socket buffers, etc. This should hopefully make streaming over lousy wireless connections better.

As always the binaries are available here

Have fun!


Added by Juan B almost 11 years ago

any know if rmvb function ok in this relase..

Added by dan carm almost 11 years ago

HI, all movies are playing well except one (starWars) who are using DCA 48000Hz 7 channels. very nice work! thanks!!!!

Added by dan carm almost 11 years ago

Sorry i didnt mentioned the problem. no audio at all with this type of audio coding (DCA 48000Hz 7 channels)