Showtime 3.0

Finally freezed
Added by Andreas Smas about 10 years ago

So I've finally gotten around to releasing 3.0, go get it here

It's pretty much the same as in 2.99.534 except that you can now arbitrarily zoom the video via a setting in the popup menu.

I'm leaving on a vacation tomorrow and wont bring the PS3 with me so don't expect any (tested) PS3 features the next weeks. I will hopefully find time to do a bunch of other non-platform depended features though.
Once I get back I hope to address all aspects of audio on the PS3, in particular:

  • AV sync problems
  • Digital output
  • Volume control

Have a nice summer!


Added by Tiago windcrusher about 10 years ago

LOL !!!!

I love Showtime!!!

Thanks Andreas!!!....

to be continuous..... ever..

Added by Yuu ZA about 10 years ago

You have done alot so do enjoy your holiday :), God bless you Mr Oman.

Added by The Guru about 10 years ago

Quick question,

is NTFS support coming????

Thankyou for a wonderful program keep up the good work!!

Added by al lozro about 10 years ago

I hope that the continus play will be added soon, actually is scheduled for near future and not on 3.1 ..

Added by Yuu ZA about 10 years ago

No NTFS support yet.

He is going to focus on Digital audio output which is a much needed feature request and higher priority than continuous play and NTFS imo.

However it is going to come just not sure when :).

Added by Arco Veenhuizen about 10 years ago

indeed ntfs is not necessary but samba client? that is much needed;)

Added by roy peterson about 10 years ago

loving this software, long term XBMC user and have converted to using this..

samba, volume control, maybe a youtube channel and facebook channel? :D

great work does 90% of what i need, but can easily see it being a beast in the future

Added by Ahmed Zahrani about 10 years ago

Hi Andreas Ă–man
can you add Arabic windows 1256 support to showtime

Added by Jakob Rapand about 10 years ago

Thank you so much for this! I have used this software for a long time, but i must say the latest upgrades have been great! I especially love it, because i can use it with my 16 TB QNAP LAN hard drive :D But i have one proposal. I would love to be able to set automated zoom in the settings. For some reason none of my videos are shown with the correct scale :/ I have to zoom in to 108 % it would really be a trouble saver if I shouldn't do that every time i put on a new vid!

Thank you so much!
Jakob Bakmann

Added by Jakob Rapand about 10 years ago

oh, and i just found one more thing! External subtitle support! Like .srt and such. Would be so awesome! thanks