Showtime 2.99.393 for PS3

Release which mostly fixes bugs
Added by Andreas Smas over 9 years ago

Files available at github

  • New PS3 icon in XMB (credits to gizmo)
  • Improved subtitle rendering (Can now do some styles, etc from SSA/ASS)
  • subtitles: Add support for Windows 1250 character encoding
  • Handle UTF-8 BOM in SRT files
  • Fix various bugs in PS3 Cell accelerated video decoder
  • Improve SRT scanner (Don't search on UPNP shares, only search parent folder and subs/ folder)
  • Faster navigation to new page when clicking on an item
  • Fixes for Twonky UPNP/DLNA server
  • Fix playback of some AVI files (Timestamp problems)
  • Plug a bunch of memory leaks
  • Handle <b> and <i> tags in SRT subs, skip other tags
  • Add settings for subtitles
    - Screen positioning (left, center, right)
    - Size adjustment (no longer scale from UI settings)
    - Possible to have Showtime always select a subtitle if one is found
  • Faster start of video playback from upnp (use mimetype to infer container format instead of probing)
  • Improve buffer management, see 7ecd2e76
  • Improve performance of browsing RAR archives
  • Make work again
  • Support SRT files from minidlna server

Have fun!


Added by Tiago windcrusher over 9 years ago


Thanks for HARD WORK for ALL!!!!

Added by Andreas Smas over 9 years ago

Found a bug in the release already. There is a problem when streaming some files that requires Showtime to seek to the files end. (MP4 files typically). I'll put up a new build tonight.

Added by yang zhou over 9 years ago

please tell me about how to install showtime-2.99.393.gccada.self file. thanks
I paste the showtime-2.99.393.gccada.self into multiman's userdir folder,is it correct?