What's going on with Tvheadend?

Added by Andreas Smas almost 10 years ago

People ask now and then if the Tvheadend project is dead because there are not many updates and activity surrounding it.

Let me answer that by saying that Tvheadend is not dead but I do have put my development of it on hold for a while. Why?

When the possibility of homebrew coding for the PS3 appeared during this winter I immediately started to port Showtime to the PS3. After releasing the first version Showtime got a lot of traction (going from 3 to 3000 users or something like that). I also get a lot of feedback and bug reports that particularly concerns multilingual aspects of the codebase which is not easy for me to test myself. Therefore I've continued to work with Showtime during the spring and will probably do so until the summer to try to deliver some kind of reasonably useful version for the PS3. After this "initial" race have settled down I hope to be able to dedicate a little more time to Tvheadend as well.

best regards


Added by Andy Armstrong almost 10 years ago

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the update and congratulations of the success of Showtime :)

Do you think you might have time to review patches for Tvheadend?


Added by Andreas Smas almost 10 years ago

OK, change of plans.

I've decided to dedicate at least one night per week for Tvheadend so I at least can:

  • Look through the bug list, and try to classify bugs
  • Review and merge patches
  • Fix various pressing issues that needs fixing.