New release 2.99-284

An interim release of Showtime
Added by Andreas Smas over 10 years ago

Mostly bugfixes in this release, here are the highlights:

  • ps3: Fix video bitrate calculation when using SPU decoder
  • Fix bitmapped subtitle formats (VOBSUB) on bigendian (such as PS3) systems. Ticket #433
  • Fix scanning of SRT subtitles Ticket #408.
  • webdavclient: Strip 'http://host' in webdav responses before parsing. Ticket #426
  • linux: Prefer openssl over libssl
  • ps3: Use system fonts (Latin, Japanese, Korean, Chinese) so lots of more characters should work now
  • subtitles: Autodetect encoding of SRT files
  • ps3: Fix seeking bugs when playing with cell acceleration
  • ps3: Force cell decoder into level 4.2 even if content is 5.x
  • Add support for all ISO 8859 character encodings and make it configurable in Language -> Settings which default character encoding to use for SRT files.

Download are available here


Added by Rural Hunter over 10 years ago

Very nice! thanks for your effort!

Added by Rural Hunter over 10 years ago

I still can see seeking freezes my PS3. I have to hard reboot PS3.

Added by Eamon Lahrach over 10 years ago

Hi Andoma, is it possible if you could release another version that is compatible with Waninkoko V2 CFW?

Or is there an easy method to repackage it to make it compatible?

Added by John Paul over 10 years ago

I would also like to see a compatible version with Waninkoko v2, if possible.

Thx for this amazing app!

Added by crazy XXX over 10 years ago

please when you update your showtime please include waninkoko v2 pkg please!!!!!

Added by Carlos Garcia over 10 years ago

Hello from Mexico, I just want to thank you, and congratull your big effort, you have give ps3 a new LIFE!