Showtime can do 1080p on the PS3

Added by Andreas Smas over 10 years ago

I've hooked up Showtime to the video decoder libraries already present on the PS3. This will accelerate h264 (Up to level 4.2) and MPEG2 video decoding so it can play up to 1080p content.

New versions of Showtime are available for download here: pkg self

If you want to make sure that the Cell acceleration is actually used you can press L3 during video playback to see the status window.
Make sure that the video codec mentions (Cell) at the end of the row. Just like in this screenshot

You're welcome!


Added by open ps3 over 10 years ago

Thats sounds amazing

Added by Rural Hunter over 10 years ago

Such an exiting news!

Added by Claudio Mendes over 10 years ago

does this mean showtime can decode xvid using the same libraries? packed bitstream or unpacked? i imagine that using the stock libraries from ps3 will not allow cinavia bypass...

Added by Rural Hunter over 10 years ago

well, I tested some 720p and 1080p videos. The playback is much better than before but still laggy sometimes. I do see the "cell" in codec info. We need more improvement. :)) keep up the great work!

Added by Dirk Vanden Boer over 10 years ago

Awesome job man! Now only surround sound support, and this thing is killer.

Added by Pedro Igreja over 10 years ago

Great job! Many thanks for the app, waiting for this since i purchased my PS3, now the only thing missing is DTS sound!

Added by Damir Hasic over 10 years ago

We now just need support for east european titles and letters like čćšđž and also it would be better if subs are align at center instead left. Thx!

Added by Bert Smith over 10 years ago

Is there any possibility to support h264 files of higher levels than 4.2?
I assume the PS3 is physically capable of it since bluray videos can use such levels, but are there some other difficulties preventing this?

Added by Phil Bertrand over 10 years ago

Nice job,

I didn't find how to send a request, just posting there or please move :

Passthrough for digital audio output (DD-HD and DTS-HD Master, available on Bluray audio stream) will be a great new feature, but after all, to be really nice, there is something REALLY missing : an autodetect of video framerate

HD content are in 23.976hz, some of our french movies (on dvd) are in 50hz, US-DVD are une 60hz

I'm using for a while a popcorn hour which is doing well his job, and its detecting framerate of the files, and ajusting the TV display to respect this framerate.

If it can't be automatic, would it be possible to add in the option panel a switch to change display framerate, 1080p23.976, 1080p50 and 1080p60 for example.

PS3 itself is switching mode if you read a french dvd, or a bluray, so I think it's possible ;)

Thanks for reading, and good luck for this awesome project.
Phil from France

Added by René Clausen over 10 years ago

Really an usefull app.

It could be great if it were possible to support .srt through DLNA, or SMB Network share support.

Greetings, and thanks for a nice media player.