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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Updated Target version
2889MovianFeatureNewLowMake Timezone as multibox from 11:33 PM
1987MovianFeatureNewLowOption to browse DVD as raw files04/03/2016 04:32 PM
1956MovianFeatureNewLowAdd cyrillic mojibake title decoder for icecast04/27/2014 09:25 AM
1726MovianFeatureNewLowSplit files (.001, .002, etc) over SMB are not grouped 02/12/2014 08:03 AM
1721MovianFeatureAcceptedLowCreate USER PROFILES04/12/2016 08:55 PM
1145MovianFeatureNewLowPoster select option01/13/2014 01:59 PM
944MovianFeatureNewLowPlayable Thumbnail version of video04/21/2012 10:08 AM
626MovianFeatureNewLowAdd webbrowser06/01/2016 11:13 PM
516MovianBugAcceptedLowHebrew subtitles appears reversed left to right instead right to left03/17/2014 02:47 PM
461MovianBugAcceptedLowArabic subtittle problem08/31/2017 01:31 AM
423MovianFeatureAcceptedLowDocument Showtime view language03/17/2014 02:47 PM
3396MovianBugNewNormalCrash on pressing L1 twice05/08/2019 01:41 AM
3395MovianBugNewNormalMemory allocation error12/03/2018 10:00 PM
3394MovianBugNewNormalMOVIAN PS412/03/2018 02:06 PM
3393MovianBugNewNormalMovian time is wrong after a while12/04/2018 08:39 AM
3392MovianBugNewNormalHiccups when watching certain mkv's on Sony Bravia (Android)01/28/2019 05:03 PM
3391MovianFeatureNewNormalCteate openAPI specification for Movian http API.07/04/2018 02:04 PM
3390MovianBugNewNormalVideo rendered on top of OSD (Android 8)06/28/2018 03:18 PM
3389MovianFeatureNewNormalAdd support for Raspberry PI Zero W and Raspberry Pi 3B+04/20/2018 11:59 AM
3388MovianBugNewNormalMovian refreshes local network names only after reboot04/19/2018 02:33 AM
3387MovianBugNewNormalSubtitles name are truncated on PS3 Bleeding12/03/2018 10:05 PM
3386MovianFeatureNewNormalUpdate SMB protocol04/12/2018 02:07 AM
3385MovianBugNewNormalYoutube -- Unable to open resource04/11/2018 11:27 AM
3384MovianFeatureNewNormalThere is no way to bookmark current video03/28/2018 12:04 PM
3383MovianBugNewNormalCrash on HLS play03/28/2018 10:41 AM5.2

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