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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Updated Target version
2736STOS - Movian OSBugNewHighAdd ralink drivers to STOS06/30/2015 06:43 PM
541MovianBugNewNormalShowtime PS3 mkv subtitles problem (RTL)02/07/2014 12:13 PM
1811STOS - Movian OSBugNewNormallocale in STOS is not set to utf801/04/2014 04:03 PM
1865STOS - Movian OSBugNewNormal compatibility issues of SD cards01/19/2014 07:43 PM
1971MovianBugNewNormalTv channel info hide to quickly03/01/2016 12:59 PM
1984MovianBugNewNormalPlayback bar doesn't show when seeking DVD and seeking doesn't work at all03/17/2014 02:48 PM
2006MovianBugNewNormalFile timestamp is wrong in showtime built in FTP server04/13/2016 02:05 AM
2064MovianBugNewNormalDVD menu is not shown on RPi and PS304/27/2014 09:25 AM
2075MovianBugNewNormalIncorrect handling of both Fontsize and ScaleY parameters in the font description in ASS subtitles (Any platform)05/13/2014 11:22 PM
2076MovianBugNewNormalIncorrect alignment of ASS subtitle strings (All platforms)05/13/2014 11:22 PM
2082MovianBugNewNormalFA scanner should use cp866 for filenames inside RAR and ZIP archives (All platforms)10/14/2014 10:07 PM
2151MovianBugAcceptedNormalVideo codec is not detected on some RTMP streams (RPi)10/14/2014 10:07 PM
2156MovianBugNewNormal"Closing connection: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound" on some RTMP streams (All platforms) (RTMP client update)01/25/2015 10:43 AM
2200MovianBugNeed feedbackNormalTV Metadata on UPnP/DLNA Servers not Working02/01/2018 06:50 PM
2299MovianBugNewNormalSubtitles should displayable on the both sides of 3D SBS video05/12/2015 09:03 AM
2363MovianBugNewNormalForced/default audio tracks sometimes ignored if they aren't the first track11/14/2014 03:12 AM
2399MovianBugNewNormalSupport for RTL subtitles12/02/2014 06:26 PM
2406MovianBugNewNormalSubtitles and user interface are not presented correctly in 3D Movies12/04/2015 08:00 PM
2426MovianBugNewNormalProblem of 3D Movie12/24/2014 01:12 PM
2516MovianBugNewNormalString won't shift on OSK when you reach the right side of textbox04/18/2015 08:55 AM
2527MovianBugAcceptedNormalDescription is cut when fetching from tmdb08/09/2017 08:23 AM
2554MovianBugNewNormal3D vertical anamorph issue due the picture overscan after 4.7.95 versions12/02/2015 05:17 PM
2583MovianBugNewNormalhtsp.c - DISABLED channels (unchecked in tvheadend) - makes any empty space in the list view03/16/2015 10:15 PM
2601MovianBugNeed feedbackNormalCrash when VDPAU is enabled on AMD videocard02/01/2018 06:54 PM
2640MovianBugNewNormalprobe won't finish probing audio torrent when you backspace05/26/2015 10:17 PM

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