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1676NormalSorting by date in page menu fails for folders with images untill you switch metadata to manual or off.12/02/2015 05:18 PMFilesystem5.2
2491NormalMovie runtime from tmdb is not attached to duration12/06/2015 11:55 AMMetadata5.2
2695NormalSome JPG incorrectly decoded07/22/2015 03:16 PMPhotos/Images5.2
2737NormalSeen mark won't bind to UI when playing torrent magnets12/17/2015 10:06 PMAPI5.2
2746NormalFix bindVideoMetadata request so it can fetch info for TV shows (eztvapi plugin)07/22/2015 03:16 PMAPI5.2
2747NormalHTTP Error 500 accessing upnp files containing apostrophe in file name07/22/2015 03:16 PMUPnP & DLNA5.2
2758NormalSometimes .torrent doesn't open03/31/2016 08:18 PMGeneral5.2
2992NormalMetadata is not saved for custom search items03/31/2016 08:18 PMUser interface5.2
3087Normalbackgrounding issue/black screen on ios05/04/2016 09:41 AMGeneral5.2
3127NormalRemote control conflict05/26/2016 08:41 AMRemote Control5.2
3201NormalOSD Keyboard not moving along with text entry field09/03/2016 03:14 PM5.2
3203NormalDownloaded episode icons are not shown in episode lists09/03/2016 09:41 AMMetadata5.2
3234NormalSubtitle S_DVBSUB problem02/15/2018 06:09 PMSubtitles5.2
3249NormalCrash with Exception occured at releaseOutputBuffer12/27/2016 09:24 PMGeneral5.2
3281NormalAdd confirmation to install older version of the plugin12/25/2017 12:10 PMPlugins5.2
3316NormalSmall typo in about screen01/30/2018 11:37 PMUser interface5.2
3319NormalCrash with H264/AVC videos when using hardware acceleration02/04/2018 04:15 PMVideo playback5.2
3325NormalNTFS file timestamp is incorrect01/30/2018 07:19 PMFilesystem5.2
3328ImmediateIncorrect percent-encoding of spaces in postdata12/21/2017 06:55 PMGeneral5.2
3329ImmediatePlay progress is incorrectly shown on hls and youtube items01/29/2018 12:06 AMGLW5.2
3332HighAdd mimetypes for M3U8 and TS12/21/2017 08:21 PMGeneral5.2
3333HighdeviceId is NaN if plugin's URI was called by bookmark01/07/2018 12:35 PMGeneral5.2
3351Highitem.bindVideoMetadata crashes Movian (regression)01/07/2018 01:05 PMMetadata5.2
3352NormaltextDialog shows Username caption in popped-up OSK01/07/2018 08:25 PMUser interface5.2
3353Urgentitem's menu doesn't show if item type is not video (regression)02/08/2018 12:42 PMUser interface5.2

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