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1865BugNormal compatibility issues of SD cards01/19/2014 07:43 PM
3263BugNormal PS3 Showtime 4.09.430 // showtime.httpReq no Redirect to [Request Failed = Andreas Smas01/30/2017 01:19 AMAPI
1573FeatureNormal SopCast support for p2p streaming Andreas Smas01/27/2013 07:33 PMVideo playback
2156BugNormal"Closing connection: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound" on some RTMP streams (All platforms) (RTMP client update)Andreas Smas01/25/2015 10:43 AMVideo playback
2983FeatureNormal3D subtitlesAndreas Smas01/27/2016 08:48 AMSubtitles
2554BugNormal3D vertical anamorph issue due the picture overscan after 4.7.95 versionsAndreas Smas12/02/2015 05:17 PMVideo playback
3104FeatureNormalAbility to "play" all files within a folderAndreas Smas04/20/2016 03:55 AMUser interface
2091FeatureNormalAbility to bookmark at playback timeAndreas Smas05/13/2014 11:04 PMGeneral
2654FeatureNormalability to browse & add folder/bookmarks to favorites folder while audio or video runs in backgroundAndreas Smas07/22/2015 03:16 PMUser interface
2990FeatureNormalAbility to Change port for TorrentAndreas Smas04/13/2016 12:26 AMGeneral
2635FeatureNormalAbility to control Movian by voice (via PlayStation Eye)Andreas Smas04/13/2016 02:02 AMUser interface
1186FeatureNormalAbility to create plugins which serve as metadata sourcesAndreas Smas10/16/2014 09:09 AMMetadata
1157FeatureNormalAbility to manually search subtitlesAndreas Smas05/19/2014 08:52 PMSubtitles
1790FeatureNormalAbility to move items using: select + Dpad04/12/2016 08:56 PMUser interface
2086FeatureNormalAbility to play chunked/splitted video files smooth consequently (js api)Andreas Smas12/17/2015 10:06 PMAPI
2217FeatureNormalAbility to play dashed video/audioAndreas Smas01/08/2018 04:24 AMVideo playback
1731FeatureNormalAbility to play only selected videotrack from MK3D (Display 3D as 2D)Andreas Smas05/28/2015 10:02 PMVideo playback
2581FeatureNormalAbility to see all files on DVDAndreas Smas05/27/2015 07:37 AMFilesystem
255FeatureNormalAbility to set EPG-button on remote control to popup a window with EPG informationAndreas Smas05/12/2015 08:38 AMHTSP client
387FeatureNormalAbility to zap channel by entering the number like on TV setsAndreas Smas05/12/2015 08:41 AMHTSP client
3341BugNormalAccess internal storage not only sd card12/31/2017 03:19 PM
3030FeatureNormalAdd "show file info" option to the page settings tab menuAndreas Smas04/06/2016 05:42 PMUser interface
827FeatureNormalAdd .cue support04/24/2014 05:56 PMVideo playback
3265FeatureNormalAdd ability to add subtitle to currently playing movie via webuiAndreas Smas01/30/2018 04:38 PMSubtitles
3358FeatureNormalAdd ability to close page:about, page.type='empty', page.error etc from simple CEC remote by pressing leftAndreas Smas02/04/2018 04:04 PMUser interface

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