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2071NormalLive OGG video stream is probed forever01/03/2018 09:06 PMVideo playback5.2
2915NormalAudio/Video playback not in sync02/01/2018 07:22 PMVideo playback5.2
3296NormalRPi 2/3 Advanced Deinterlace02/04/2018 10:47 PMVideo playback5.2
3307NormalMPEG2TS playing is stuttering on android and ps301/03/2018 12:21 AMVideo playback5.2
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3046NormalIf stream cannot be opened Movian tries to probe the file02/01/2018 07:18 PM
3170NormalMissing play pause icons 02/01/2018 07:15 PM
3184NormalFlickering / dissapearing textures on subtitle selection02/01/2018 07:13 PM
3261NormalPS3 Showtime 4.09.430 // showtime.httpReq no Redirect to ddgu.ddos-guard.net and no SetCookie03/21/2018 11:21 PMAPI5.2
3268NormalGLW Flip never happend, system reboot on PS302/01/2018 07:11 PMGeneral
2200NormalTV Metadata on UPnP/DLNA Servers not Working02/01/2018 06:50 PMMetadata
3221NormalCrash when opening the folder containing MKV files (PS3)02/01/2018 07:06 PMMetadata
3081NormalPrioritize external subtitles over embedded subtitles and list them in the right order04/14/2016 09:10 AMSubtitles
2601NormalCrash when VDPAU is enabled on AMD videocard02/01/2018 06:54 PMVideo playback
2659NormalWeird behavior (brief picture ratio change and long A/V desync) when seeking position on an M2TS over SMB02/01/2018 06:57 PMVideo playback
3207NormalHardware Accelerated Decoding - Amlogic S90510/18/2016 05:46 AMVideo playback
3276NormalH265 playback not working on Android03/28/2017 09:44 PMVideo playback
3345NormalEpoch Mismatch02/04/2018 07:40 PMVideo playback

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