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3319MovianBugNewNormalCrash with H264/AVC videos when using hardware acceleration02/04/2018 04:15 PM5.2
3318MovianBugNewNormalCrash on second run.09/04/2017 07:34 AM
3317MovianBugNewNormalQuoting error in hint on setup to use RTC with RPi08/31/2017 04:44 PM
3316MovianBugNewNormalSmall typo in about screen01/30/2018 11:37 PM5.2
3314MovianBugNewNormalMovian Chrome plugin window crashes on Exit11/05/2017 06:18 PM
3313MovianBugNewNormalCrash on resumé of torrent 08/09/2017 04:07 AM
3311MovianBugNewNormalmacOS (OSX) version storing login credentials as -visible- plain-text in local user directory?07/07/2017 07:48 AM
3310MovianBugNewNormalVideo stays black while audio is playing07/05/2017 05:21 PM
3309MovianBugNewNormalVideo playback of Youtube stops on eject button07/01/2017 09:59 PM
3308MovianBugNewNormalVideo cannot be fast forwarded on PS3 but can on Android06/30/2017 03:56 AM
3307MovianBugAcceptedNormalMPEG2TS playing is stuttering on android and ps301/03/2018 12:21 AM5.2
3296MovianBugAcceptedNormalRPi 2/3 Advanced Deinterlace02/04/2018 10:47 PM5.2
3292MovianBugNewNormalAndroid TV unable to access share.08/30/2017 09:33 PM
3291MovianBugAcceptedNormalMovian crashes on DVB subtitles02/03/2018 10:07 PM5.2
3288PluginsBugNewNormalYoutube app do not show history or watch later01/07/2018 11:22 PM
3287MovianBugNewNormalMovian freezes during playback at times causing PS3 to freeze requiring a forced shutdown04/20/2017 04:32 AM
3282MovianBugNewNormalResume is not possible between USB ports03/08/2017 09:42 PM
3281MovianBugNewNormalAdd confirmation to install older version of the plugin12/25/2017 12:10 PM5.2
3280MovianBugNewNormalCache freezes the PS3, not able to debug03/02/2017 06:02 PM
3278MovianBugNewNormalDrag n Drop Torrent file not working on Linux version02/28/2017 06:22 PM
3277MovianBugNewNormalAudio stutters on seeking in Chrome07/13/2017 03:10 AM
3276MovianBugNeed feedbackNormalH265 playback not working on Android03/28/2017 09:44 PM
3268MovianBugNeed feedbackNormalGLW Flip never happend, system reboot on PS302/01/2018 07:11 PM
3267MovianBugNewNormalCan't discover upnp/dlna server with igmpproxy/pim02/07/2017 08:09 AM
3266MovianBugNewNormalSubtitle directories are only refreshed if video is restarted02/02/2017 02:03 AM

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