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3013NormalDropbox06/01/2016 04:10 PM
3019NormalRPi - missing libav deinterlace03/19/2016 03:42 PMVideo playback
3025Normalfilmezz.eu plugin06/01/2016 04:10 PM
3034NormalLong file names are not shown or scrolled in files list04/02/2016 01:36 PMUser interface
3035NormalFiles split in two parts disspaear if metadata is activated04/02/2016 01:47 PMMetadata
3036NormalIPTV not working correctly04/06/2016 10:16 PM
3044NormalProgramm info04/04/2016 04:16 PMUser interface
3045NormalTvheadend EPG fetching04/04/2016 04:19 PMUser interface
3048NormalUnable to open subhash error, stream quits04/05/2016 02:36 AM
3051NormalRaspberry Pi3 (not detected)04/05/2016 06:02 PM
3053NormalSystem run out of memory if browsing folders with thousands of items04/06/2016 02:57 PM
3057NormalTotal system freeze after taking a screenshot04/06/2016 10:34 PM
3058NormalFix subtitle displacement in combindation with OSD04/08/2016 01:32 AMUser interface
3064NormalFTP Client shows files as folders04/08/2016 08:37 PM
3065NormalCPU too slow on Chrome App04/09/2016 05:33 PM
3068NormalMovian Remote Control trackmarker jumps to beginning04/14/2016 03:33 PM
3072NormalRemote Android Navigation Issues04/10/2016 01:27 PMUPnP & DLNA
3073Normalmovian crashes on ps3 after play long video from youtube04/15/2016 10:42 PM
3078NormalScreensaver doesn't work04/13/2016 04:35 AMGeneral
3079NormalFonts not taking effect04/13/2016 05:28 AMUser interface
3101NormalSeek is not possible from PS3 remote controlling other units04/18/2016 06:31 PM
3105NormalCrashes playing torrent04/21/2016 08:50 PMVideo playback
3107NormalThe option to Turn off restart instead of shut the system down04/26/2016 11:41 AM
3119Normalmkv crashes movian on ios when loading .sub file05/03/2016 09:35 PMSubtitles
3122NormalSave the new Youtube plugin settings06/01/2016 04:10 PM

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