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2141FeatureNormalAdd Javascript API to setup HTTP proxy before each request08/11/2016 06:35 AMAPI
2071BugNormalLive OGG video stream is probed foreverAndreas Smas01/03/2018 09:06 PMVideo playback
1959FeatureNormalST would try to load playstatus from other metadb records searching by filename+sizeAndreas Smas02/10/2014 08:59 PMMetadata
1721FeatureLowCreate USER PROFILES04/12/2016 08:55 PMGeneral
1686FeatureNormalOption to keep downloaded subtitles and remember selected file (for offline play)Andreas Smas12/21/2017 07:58 PMSubtitles
1475FeatureNormalOption to downloadAndreas Smas04/03/2016 04:44 PMFilesystem
1421FeatureNormalplay folder directly01/13/2014 01:59 PMVideo playback
1365FeatureNormalBack Up SettingsAndreas Smas06/10/2015 04:23 PMGeneral
1174FeatureNormalIs it possible to get the movie data zone bigger ?Andreas Smas01/13/2014 01:59 PMUser interface
977FeatureNormalautomatic .srt to 3d subtitles conversion Andreas Smas08/18/2014 08:24 AMSubtitles
919FeatureNormalReport initialization and end of video playbackAndreas Smas12/17/2015 10:06 PMAPI
814FeatureNormalPlugins: AMF reading support?Andreas Smas12/17/2015 10:06 PMAPI
811FeatureNormalMovie library like xbmc with scrapersAndreas Smas12/06/2015 11:57 AMMetadata
801FeatureNormalAdd plugin.getCurrentLanguage() so plugin can be multilanguageAndreas Smas05/28/2015 10:03 PMAPI
704FeatureNormalMovian as a Digital Media RendererAndreas Smas05/18/2015 10:30 AMUPnP & DLNA
591FeatureNormalAdd ability to focus 3D moviesAndreas Smas02/07/2014 07:29 AMVideo playback ScrobblingAndreas Smas01/13/2014 01:59 PMMetadata
516BugLowHebrew subtitles appears reversed left to right instead right to leftAndreas Smas03/17/2014 02:47 PMSubtitles
461BugLowArabic subtittle problem08/31/2017 01:31 AMSubtitles
423FeatureLowDocument Showtime view languageAndreas Smas03/17/2014 02:47 PMDocumentation
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3345BugNormalEpoch MismatchAndreas Smas02/04/2018 07:40 PMVideo playback
3340FeatureNormalShortcut of channels02/07/2018 11:46 PM
3338FeatureNormalBookmark channels02/07/2018 11:43 PM
3276BugNormalH265 playback not working on AndroidAndreas Smas03/28/2017 09:44 PMVideo playback
3268BugNormalGLW Flip never happend, system reboot on PS3Andreas Smas02/01/2018 07:11 PMGeneral

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