Bug #790

Plugins: showtime freeze when reading rtmp

Added by andreus sebes about 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

Status:FixedStart date:11/23/2011
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Target version:3.4
Found in version:3.3.264 Platform:PS3


When i try to read some rtmp url showtime starts the video frame but with a blank screen and no audio (i think showtime is trying to read and continues even after the timeout expires).
Then, when i can click triangle (options in ps3) it shows the settings option, but when i try to click red circle (go back in ps3) showtime freezes and only a hard reset can put ps3 working again.

page.appendItem("rtmp:// swfUrl=http://tvtvtv.ru/tools/player_v4.swf pageUrl=http://tvtvtv.ru tcurl=rtmp:// timeout=5", "video", { title: "test", description: "test", year: "2010", icon: "" });

I think there are to 2 problems:
1. Showtime doesn't respect the rtmp timeout (i allready put this in another bug) and i think there is no way to have a setting for a global timeout in a plugin
2. When showtime is trying to read the rtmp if you click red circle (go back in ps3) showtime crashes

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Revision 69f7542e
Added by Andreas Smas about 11 years ago

Don't wait for the video playback controller to terminate.

We don't need to as we have refcounted media_pipe_t anyway.
This removes a point where the UI would freeze waiting for the
video playback to terminate. Even worse, if the video playback
would have stalled for an extended period of time (internet badness)
it would appear to lock the UI completely

Fixes #790


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#2 Updated by andreus sebes about 11 years ago

Working good now. Thanks

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