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Idee to eliminate the Memory Problem on MKV!!!

Added by Kai Schmoll over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

Status:InvalidStart date:11/13/2011
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Category:Video playback
Target version:3.4
Found in version:all Versions Platform:PS3


I Read more then 8 Hours in the Internet and found a Problem that many Media Players got!
ok first i found...

Reference Frames more then 2 ref Frames in MKV = many Memory needed read this on many Websites!

I tested this with my Movies with 4 Ref Frames faster memory filling!

2 ref Frames Movie and the memory are not filling so fast!

On a PC much memory more then 2 GB thats no Problems, but the PS3 got little Memory :-(.

A Movie with 8 or more Ref frames and the PS3 Memory are filling very fast and the Tooltip comes low Memory!

and yet a Movie with No Ref frames :-) No Memory filling!!! ( MKV High Level 3.0 0 Ref Frames copy from a DVD ) see this on Media Info and no Memory Problems!

Pls Andreas Check this out and give a responde on this Bug Report....


#1 Updated by Andreas Smas over 9 years ago

  • Target version changed from 3.3 to 3.4

#2 Updated by Andreas Smas over 9 years ago

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to address here.

Yes, there are known problems with excessive memory usage on the PS3. I believe this is caused by memory fragmentation and that's something i'm looking at.

The ref-frame support things is something that's controlled by the PS3 firmware and nothing I can do anything about.

#3 Updated by Kai Schmoll over 9 years ago

Ok I understand.

i Think thats are only up to 4.0 High Level MKVs :-( and i read the Problem is on many players the ref frame.

Ok thats not the Problem :-( close the report here and sorry for my response .

want to help but my response is not usefull...


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