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lacking ass/ssa subtitle support

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Showtime currently has a very limited support for ass/ssa subtitle files, in addition there are a lot of bugs in the ass/ssa subtitles rendering.

list of bugs I have experienced:

1.text sometimes goes beyond the edge of the screen, which makes it impossible to read.
2. renders subtitles improperly if they are meant to be placed somewhere besides the bottom of the screen, (example showing "{\an8\c&H252E2F&\3c&HAFCBDB&\fnAubrey\pos(424,0)\fs25}Lost and Found Items" 
instead of simply showing "Lost and Found Items"
3. does not support displaying multiple subtitle lines at the same time. (example if two different lines are both defined as staring at 0:10 seconds only one of them is going to be displayed)
4. displays ass/ssa comments, which are only meant to be displayed to those who look at the file in an text or subtitle editor. (example displaying "Wait up, Aisaka!{low, in the background}" 
instead of displaying "Wait up, Aisaka!" which it what it is supposed to display)

there are also a lot of ass/ssa features that are not currently supported that I would really be thankful for if you could implement.

list of missing features:

1. missing support for custom colors and/or custom embedded fonts , that are defined in the ass/ssa subtitles
2. missing support for placing subtitles at a specific location on the screen, as defined in the ass/ssa subtitles
3. missing support for displaying multiple lines at the same time.

I realize that fixing/implementing the stuff I list above is probably not an easy task and I don't want to sound demanding or rude or anything, its just that I watch a lot of .mkv files with ass/ssa subtitles embedded in them and I would love to be able to watch the subtitles properly using this media player, so if you do decide to fix or implement any of the above bugs/features then I would be very thankful to you :)


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Do you have any samples that I can test with?

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Andreas Ă–man wrote:

Do you have any samples that I can test with?

I don't have any samples made specifically to show off the advanced features of the ass/ssa standar but I do have a short video that uses a lot of these features:

that file is the Opening to the anime "Kaihou wa maid-sama". It uses colored subtitles, a custom font that is embedded in the mkv file, and it displays two lines of text at the same time (one at the top left and one at the lower right) pretty much any file that uses these features (which means almost all anime nowadays) will render improperly in showtime. In addition I just noticed another bug that I didn't report earlier, if you pause the player while it displays text the text will disappear after a couple of seconds and not reappear when the player is resumed.

I'm not a developer but as far as I know the easiest way of making this player compatible with the ass/ssa standard would be to port and use the libass library to render the ass/ssa subtitles

ps. I also included the .ass file in the file I linked to earlier so that you can look at the file itself to see how it is structured.

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I believe most of this has been fixed now. Most of it done in 15a99e1d

It still does not support all of the ASS features (some of which are really obscure, playing a wav file?, embedding a movie?)

In particular loading a fontface from the file itself is not supported. I will split that into a separate ticket.

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