Bug #3374

Segmentation fault on starting the program

Added by Mateus Filipe over 2 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:02/13/2018
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Andreas Smas% Done:


Target version:-
Found in version:5.0.487 and commit 6704e9d at master Platform:Linux


Both the downloaded release for linux (5.0.487) and built from source (commit 6704e9d) programs crash with a Segmentation Fault during the program initialization. I tried with --no-ui opotion, both the problem persists. The console dump with debug options follows:

16:45:22.920: SYSTEM [INFO ]: Movian 5.0.500.g6704e starting. 2 CPU cores. Systemtype:Linux/x86_64 OS:Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS
16:45:22.922: core [DEBUG]: Loading resources from ./
16:45:22.922: core [DEBUG]: Cache path: /home/mateus/.cache/movian
16:45:22.922: blobcache [DEBUG]: Unable to open index /home/mateus/.cache/movian/bc2/index.dat -- No such file or directory
16:45:22.922: core [DEBUG]: Persistent path: /home/mateus/.hts/showtime
16:45:22.922: SQLITE [ERROR]: recovered 11 frames from WAL file /home/mateus/.hts/showtime/kvstore/kvstore.db-wal (code: 0x11b)
16:45:22.923: DB [DEBUG]: Opened database /home/mateus/.hts/showtime/kvstore/kvstore.db pages: free=0 total=7
16:45:22.923: DB [DEBUG]: kvstore: At current version 2
16:45:22.923: SQLITE [ERROR]: recovered 165 frames from WAL file /home/mateus/.hts/showtime/metadb/meta.db-wal (code: 0x11b)
16:45:22.924: DB [DEBUG]: Opened database /home/mateus/.hts/showtime/metadb/meta.db pages: free=1 total=56
16:45:22.924: DB [DEBUG]: metadb: At current version 18
16:45:22.926: libav [INFO ]: Lavf57.3.0, Lavc57.13.0, Lavu55.6.0 cpuflags:0x107f
16:45:22.926: Freetype [DEBUG]: Loaded font family='liberation sans' fullname='liberation sans regular' style='Regular' from .//res/fonts/liberation/LiberationSans-Regular.ttf domain:0
16:45:22.927: playqueue [DEBUG]: Shuffle set to off
16:45:22.927: playqueue [DEBUG]: Nothing on queue, waiting
16:45:22.930: playqueue [DEBUG]: Repeat set to off
16:45:22.931: PA [DEBUG]: Headerversion: 8.0.0, library: 8.0.0
16:45:22.936: SYSTEM [DEBUG]: Hashed device ID: 570d078623c335c4bab03f174a52dd36
16:45:22.938: i18n [INFO ]: Unloading language definition
16:45:22.938: plugins [DEBUG]: Loading repo from https://movian.tv/api/plugins/plugins-v1.json
16:45:22.939: HTTP [INFO ]: Connect to movian.tv:443
16:45:22.939: i18n [DEBUG]: Default charset is auto
16:45:22.946: TCP [INFO ]: http-server: Listening on port 42000
16:45:22.947: SSDP [DEBUG]: Trying to start on enp3s0
16:45:22.949: UDP [INFO ]: SSDP/enp3s0/multicast: Listening on port 1900
16:45:22.950: UDP [INFO ]: SSDP/enp3s0/unicast: Listening on port 36817
16:45:22.950: SSDP [DEBUG]: SSDP started on 'enp3s0'
16:45:22.950: UDP [INFO ]: nmb: Listening on port 59497
16:45:22.950: UDP [INFO ]: bittorrent udp tracker: Listening on port 55102
16:45:22.950: UDP [INFO ]: STPP Discovery input: Listening on port 42000
16:45:22.951: STPP [DEBUG]: Trying to start on enp3s0
16:45:22.951: UDP [INFO ]: STPP/enp3s0/unicast: Listening on port 43890
16:45:22.951: STPP [DEBUG]: STPP started on 'enp3s0'
16:45:22.974: navigator [INFO ]: Opening page:home
16:45:23.036: GLW [DEBUG]: GLX_SGI_swap_control extension is present
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

System information:
Ubuntu 16.04.3 x86_64
kernel 4.4.0-112-generic
GCC 5.4.0

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