Bug #3311

macOS (OSX) version storing login credentials as -visible- plain-text in local user directory?

Added by Black Beard over 3 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:07/07/2017
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Andreas Smas% Done:


Target version:-
Found in version:5.0.487 Platform:OS X


The MacOS version of Movian absolutely has to enforce that the app itself and popular plugins aren't storing login credentials and auth tokens from associated online services as easily visible plaintext and/or as unecrypted data in sqlite databases.

I tried the Plex plugin and a few others tonight and found all my login cred's plainly visible within the "~/.hts" folder right off the top-level of my home folder. That is totally unacceptable.

Please implement a means for the app and plugins to properly store sensitive info in the OSX keychain where it should be.

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