Bug #3225

Youtube Plugin can not play livestreams

Added by F S almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

Status:FixedStart date:10/04/2016
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Andreas Smas% Done:


Target version:-
Found in version:5.0.5 Platform:PS3


It is not possible to play any Youtube livestream with the Youtube plugin (try to search for "live" in the searchbox and try to play any of the livestreams in the list)

If you try to start a video you will get the following error message in log:

00:01:33.942: HTTP-61 [DEBUG]:< Content-Length: 4399
00:01:33.942: HTTP-61 [DEBUG]:< X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block
00:01:33.942: HTTP-61 [DEBUG]:< X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
00:01:33.943: HTTP-61 [DEBUG]:< Alt-Svc: quic=":443"; ma=2592000; v="36,35,34,33,32"
00:01:33.943: HTTP-61 [DEBUG]:<
00:01:33.943: HTTP-61 [DEBUG]:Reading 4399 bytes
00:01:33.944: HTTP [DEBUG]:Parking connection to manifest.googlevideo.com:443 (cid=22) (expire in 5s) -- Request destroyed
00:01:33.956: youtube [ERROR]:TypeError (cannot read property 'split' of undefined) at zip://file:///dev_hdd0/game/HTSS00003/USRDIR/settings/installedplugins/youtube.zip/youtube.js:271
00:01:33.957: youtube [ERROR]:STACK DUMP: TypeError: cannot read property 'split' of undefined
00:01:33.957: at [anon] (duk_hobject_props.c:2265) internal
00:01:33.957: at [anon] (zip://file:///dev_hdd0/game/HTSS00003/USRDIR/settings/installedplugins/youtube.zip/youtube.js:271)
00:01:33.958: at [anon] (ytdl-core/lib/info:202)
00:01:33.958: at checkDone (ytdl-core/lib/util:300)
00:01:33.958: at [anon] (ytdl-core/lib/info:280)
00:01:33.958: at [anon] (ytdl-core/lib/request:34)
00:01:33.959: at [anon] (http:14) preventsyield
00:01:33.959: youtube [ERROR]:Native callsite timer_thread() at /project/repo/checkout/src/ecmascript/es_timer.c:149
00:01:34.050: Freetype [DEBUG]:Loaded font family='ubuntu mono' fullname='ubuntu mono regular' style='Regular' from dataroot://res/fonts/UbuntuMono-Regular.ttf domain:11

You will get this error on every youtube livestream you try to play.


#1 Updated by Rob Koni almost 4 years ago

Sometimes I use old Youtube (on Showtime 4.xx) for this. Don't know if this workaround will still work as the plugin is quite outdated.

#2 Updated by Leonid Protasov almost 3 years ago

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Fixed in youtube plugin v5.0.11

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