Bug #3198

The Oceanus plug-in is not used in movian any more, why?

Added by doboto duan almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

Status:FixedStart date:08/10/2016
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Found in version:movian Platform:Linux


The Oceanus plugin is cann't used in movian version.bug I need the ui view in Oceanus, and now it cann't work in movian vesion!
I had develop a plugin base on these views in Oceanus, they worked well before. please see the attatchment.
will the movian compatible with it ? Or anyone can rewrite Oceanus?

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#1 Updated by Fábio Ferreira almost 7 years ago

Movian since the release of Oceanus has changed very much, with it several things that Oceanus relied upon have changed and updating it requires too much work, especially when considering that the UI of Oceanus is somewhat outdated.

I believe it is better for your plugin to use the views that come built in Movian and let the user change the view as he/she likes (e.g. installing a skin plugin) which is what happens for instance with Youtube plugin, that way the plugin will be more resilient to future Movian changes.

#2 Updated by Andreas Smas over 6 years ago

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