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Prioritize external subtitles over embedded subtitles and list them in the right order

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Found in version:5.0.75 Platform:PS3


If someone made the effort of getting external subtitles is because the embedded ones were not good enough or complete (only some foreign dialog). Auto select and use first external subtitles. PotPlayer has this as a selectable option.

Also list the subtitles aviable in the selection menu in this order:
1. Embedded
2. External
3. Plugins (Opensubtitles).

I don't know why, but I'm getting the external subtitles listed last, after tens of opensubtitles listed, and I have to scroll down a lot. It's confusing.


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Revision 984d2a74
Added by Andreas Smas over 4 years ago

Fix vobsub subtitle language parsing

refs #2508
refs #3081

Change included in version 5.0.79


#1 Updated by Andreas Smas over 4 years ago

You can move the order of subtitle providers in settings -> subtitles by pressing select + dpad on ps3 remote

That said it will always prioritize preferred language over provider and I also discovered a bug in how it extract language from vobsub titles.

Fixing that

#2 Updated by . . over 4 years ago

And there is still a bug, because opensubtitles are always listed first no matter what.

I change the order with select in settings and I choose: 1.external 2.Embedded 3.Opensubs. But when i see a subtitle list playing a video, all opensubtitles are listed first, then 1.external 2.Embedded.

#3 Updated by Andreas Smas over 4 years ago

Have you cleared out language codes in settings -> languages?

#4 Updated by Andreas Smas over 4 years ago

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#5 Updated by Aben Escalante over 4 years ago

That also happens to me on Android and PS3, the first ones on the list are the ones from opensubtitles, then external and then embedded, What I did is that I only left "on" the option to automatically load the external subtitles with the same movie name, and turn everything else off.

#6 Updated by . . over 4 years ago

Andreas Smas wrote:

Have you cleared out language codes in settings -> languages?

Why would I do that? I have 2 languages selected. This worked fine in 4.x

The problem is that you are prioritizing languages over sources. So, sources should be listed in the selected order, and inside each source languages should be listed in the preferred order.

So if you prefer english french and spanish laguanges:
1. External (1.1 English, 1.2 french, 1.3 Spanish, 1.4 others / no language defined)
2. Embedded (2.1 English, 2.2 french, 2.3 Spanish, 2.4 others / no language defined)
3. Opensubtitles (3.1 English, 3.2 french, 3.3 Spanish, 3.4 others / no language defined)

#7 Updated by Andreas Smas over 4 years ago

Leonid wanted it to work differently (and i agree with him) in this issue #2670

Maybe we have to add another setting.

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