Bug #3068

Movian Remote Control trackmarker jumps to beginning

Added by Rob Koni over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:04/09/2016
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Found in version:5.0.52 Platform:Google Native Client


Easy to replicate. Control Movian on the PS3 via de Chrome app.
Let it play.
Close the Movian Chrome app.
Reopen it and the marker jumps to the beginning.
Strangely enough the play timers are still correct.

Strange thing is then if I continue to play on the PS3 with the controllerthe play/pause button on the ps3 starts dancing and needs to be started and stopped a few times.
On the Chrome app the trackmarker jumps to the right position and it continues.


#1 Updated by Rob Koni over 4 years ago

I hope this can be fixed in 5.2 release

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