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Add "show file info" option to the page settings tab menu

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The new 5.0 interface is pretty good because you can access every option in the menu quicker. Except "individual file info / play / metadata." If you are using a TV remote to control the PS3 you cannot access that metadata menu, because is only shown using the square button with the dual shock controller.

There could be 3 ways of showing it:
1. Easy way: you could add a new item to right tab menu: "Show file info", just above "show media / system info". pressing that item would be like pressing square with the controller.
2. Pressing left (now assigned to back) could bring a new tab for the individual file menu, while pressing right continuous to be used for general settings.
3. Pressing right one time shows the tab "page settings". Pressing right again shows a new tab "ie: file settings / info". The cursor on the page/file settings tabs should not be selecting any option by default, so you have to press down first to change a setting.



#1 Updated by para dox almost 6 years ago

Yep definitely miss meta-data automatically showing. WAF has decreased. please allow us to have this as a default option, unless ive missed it.

#2 Updated by Rob Koni almost 6 years ago

There is a keymapper in version 4.9, maybe it works on 5.0 also?

You can map a different key to the square then?

#3 Updated by . . almost 6 years ago

A lot of people use Movian with a PS3 and TV. Most remotes using HDMICEC have:

1. 4 directional cursors, OK, BACK
2. play, pause, stop, advance and rewind.

And that's it. I had an old Samsung TV witch had the option to detect and use some other functions depending on the device, but I had to access a menu and it took a lot of time. My modern LG TV can't even do that and it's a top TV. I cannot map square to anything and all the remote keys are used.

My advice is to make it possible to access every Movian function using only the keys I listed. 5.0 interface is a big improvement, much easier to control with less keys pressed and menus navigated. The only menu missing is the one I'm requesting to fix.

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