Bug #2945

YouTube plugin crashes Movian when trying to search for a video

Added by Ema Nymton over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:FixedStart date:12/13/2015
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Andreas Smas% Done:


Target version:-
Found in version:4.99.572 Platform:PS3


When trying to search for a video within the plugin itself, not from the home page.

00:00:21.578: navigator       [INFO ]:Opening youtube:start
00:00:23.373: News            [DEBUG]:News loaded and updated
00:00:23.837: navigator       [INFO ]:Opening youtube:search
00:00:23.922: GLW             [INFO ]:zip://file:///dev_hdd0/game/HTSS00003/USRDIR/settings/installedplugins/youtube.zip/views/search.view:25: Form &property is deprecated
00:00:24.933: THREAD          [EMERG]:Crashdump. PID=0x1040200 Heap=0x40000000
00:00:24.933: THREAD          [EMERG]:27 threads
00:00:24.933: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800b4 [GLW texture loader  ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0417000 +0x00020000 prio:2200
00:00:24.933: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800b3 [GLW texture loader  ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd03f5000 +0x00020000 prio:2200
00:00:24.934: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800b2 [GLW texture loader  ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd03d3000 +0x00020000 prio:2600
00:00:24.934: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800b1 [GLW texture loader  ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd03b1000 +0x00020000 prio:2600
00:00:24.934: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800b0 [GLW texture loader  ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd038f000 +0x00020000 prio:2600
00:00:24.934: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800af [GLW texture loader  ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd036d000 +0x00020000 prio:2600
00:00:24.996: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800ae [GLW font renderer   ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0307000 +0x00020000 prio:2100
00:00:24.997: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800ad [???                 ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd025d000 +0x00002000 prio:512
00:00:24.997: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800ac [???                 ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0257000 +0x00004000 prio:1
00:00:24.997: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800a9 [tasks               ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0235000 +0x00020000 prio:3000
00:00:24.997: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800a8 [SMB                 ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0147000 +0x00020000 prio:2300
00:00:24.998: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800a7 [propdispatch        ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd034b000 +0x00020000 prio:3000
00:00:24.998: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800a6 [propdispatch        ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0329000 +0x00020000 prio:3000
00:00:24.998: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800a4 [propdispatch        ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd02e5000 +0x00020000 prio:3000
00:00:24.998: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800a3 [???                 ] ONPROC     stack: 0xd02df000 +0x00004000 prio:2
00:00:24.999: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800a2 [asyncio             ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd02bd000 +0x00020000 prio:2400
00:00:24.999: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800a1 [SMB                 ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd029b000 +0x00020000 prio:2300
00:00:24.999: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x010800a0 [swinst              ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0279000 +0x00020000 prio:3000
00:00:24.999: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x0108009f [SMB                 ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd01cf000 +0x00020000 prio:2300
00:00:25.000: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x0108009e [propdispatch        ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0125000 +0x00020000 prio:3000
00:00:25.000: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x0108009b [audioplayer         ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0213000 +0x00020000 prio:2000
00:00:25.000: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x0108009a [indexer             ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd01f1000 +0x00020000 prio:2700
00:00:25.000: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x01080098 [service probe       ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd01ad000 +0x00020000 prio:3000
00:00:25.001: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x01080097 [deco                ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd018b000 +0x00020000 prio:2500
00:00:25.001: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x01080096 [blobcache           ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0169000 +0x00020000 prio:3000
00:00:25.001: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x01080093 [callout             ] SLEEP      stack: 0xd0103000 +0x00020000 prio:3000
00:00:25.002: THREAD          [EMERG]:Thread 0x01080091 [main                ] DELETED    stack: 0xd0001000 +0x00100000 prio:1200
00:00:25.002: THREAD          [EMERG]: r0 : 0x00000000002df0ac
00:00:25.002: THREAD          [EMERG]: r1 : 0x00000000d01001b0
00:00:25.002: THREAD          [EMERG]: r2 : 0x0000000000b57ee0
00:00:25.003: THREAD          [EMERG]: r3 : 0x00000000d0100288
00:00:25.003: THREAD          [EMERG]: r4 : 0x0000000000000000
00:00:25.003: THREAD          [EMERG]: r5 : 0x0000000000000000
00:00:25.003: THREAD          [EMERG]: r6 : 0x00000000001061e0
00:00:25.004: THREAD          [EMERG]: r7 : 0x0000000000000003
00:00:25.004: THREAD          [EMERG]: r8 : 0x000000001029e298
00:00:25.004: THREAD          [EMERG]: r9 : 0x0000000000000000
00:00:25.004: THREAD          [EMERG]: r10: 0x0000000001080091
00:00:25.005: THREAD          [EMERG]: r11: 0x0000000000000001
00:00:25.005: THREAD          [EMERG]: r12: 0x0000000022000044
00:00:25.005: THREAD          [EMERG]: r13: 0x0000000020007060
00:00:25.005: THREAD          [EMERG]: r14: 0x0000000000000000
00:00:25.005: THREAD          [EMERG]: r15: 0x00000000d0100b0c
00:00:25.006: THREAD          [EMERG]: r16: 0x00000000401e8ffc
00:00:25.006: THREAD          [EMERG]: r17: 0x00000000102a6ac0
00:00:25.006: THREAD          [EMERG]: r18: 0x00000000102a3918
00:00:25.006: THREAD          [EMERG]: r19: 0x0000000000000000
00:00:25.007: THREAD          [EMERG]: r20: 0x00000000102a6ae0
00:00:25.007: THREAD          [EMERG]: r21: 0x0000000000000000
00:00:25.007: THREAD          [EMERG]: r22: 0x00000000102a6ad0
00:00:25.008: THREAD          [EMERG]: r23: 0x00000000102a6ac0
00:00:25.008: THREAD          [EMERG]: r24: 0x0000000000000000
00:00:25.008: THREAD          [EMERG]: r25: 0x00000000d01007b0
00:00:25.008: THREAD          [EMERG]: r26: 0x000000000000ffff
00:00:25.008: THREAD          [EMERG]: r27: 0x0000000000000000
00:00:25.009: THREAD          [EMERG]: r28: 0x0000000000000000
00:00:25.009: THREAD          [EMERG]: r29: 0x0000000000000000
00:00:25.009: THREAD          [EMERG]: r30: 0x0000000000abfe70
00:00:25.009: THREAD          [EMERG]: r31: 0x00000000d0100288
00:00:25.010: THREAD          [EMERG]: CTR: 0x000000001080512c
00:00:25.020: THREAD          [EMERG]:  PC: 0x27f260 utf8_get+0x8
00:00:25.020: THREAD          [EMERG]:  LR: 0x281044 utf8_to_ucs2+0x64
00:00:25.020: THREAD          [EMERG]: Stack dump from SP=0xd01001b0
00:00:25.042: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x2df0a8 osk_open+0xd0
00:00:25.043: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x2eb064 glw_text_bitmap_event+0x324
00:00:25.043: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x2c77b0 glw_event_to_widget+0x158
00:00:25.043: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x2c867c glw_eventsink+0x16c
00:00:25.043: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x29b544 notify_invoke+0x68c
00:00:25.044: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x29bce4 prop_dispatch_one+0xd4
00:00:25.044: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x29c260 prop_notify_dispatch+0x188
00:00:25.044: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x2a40e8 prop_courier_poll+0xa8
00:00:25.044: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x2ca5ec glw_prepare_frame+0x39c
00:00:25.045: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x2dea3c drawFrame+0x27c
00:00:25.045: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x2dfd44 glw_ps3_start+0x5bc
00:00:25.045: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x1d3848 main+0x218
00:00:25.045: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x103fc _initialize+0x3c
00:00:25.045: THREAD          [EMERG]:      0x103ac _start+0x44

Associated revisions

Revision c44fcf16
Added by Andreas Smas over 5 years ago

glw: Fix some crashes related to text widgets

Fixes #2945

Change included in version 4.99.573


#1 Updated by Andreas Smas over 5 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed
  • % Done changed from 0 to 100

#2 Updated by Ema Nymton over 5 years ago

Thanks but now the search field is inoperative. I can't search for any video anymore.

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