Bug #2619

Movian doesn't react to skip forward event during HLS connection stage

Added by Leonid Protasov about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

Status:FixedStart date:05/16/2015
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Andreas Smas% Done:


Category:Video playback
Target version:4.10
Found in version:4.9.434 Platform:Linux


Take a look at

00:01:24.274: X11             [DEBUG]:Suspending screensaver
00:01:32.389: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:http://fms.pik-tv.com:1935/live/piktv3pik3tv/playlist.m3u8: Response:

During those 6 seconds Movian won't do skip forward you trying to do from remote control. But backspace reaction is ok... Full log:

00:01:24.221: navigator       [INFO ]:Opening videoparams:{"title":"PIK TV","sources":[{"url":"hls:http://fms.pik-tv.com:1935/live/piktv3pik3tv/playlist.m3u8"}],"no_fs_scan":true,"no_subtitle_scan":true}
00:01:24.239: vp              [DEBUG]:Waiting for event
00:01:24.239: vp              [DEBUG]:Playing 'videoparams:{"title":"PIK TV","sources":[{"url":"hls:http://fms.pik-tv.com:1935/live/piktv3pik3tv/playlist.m3u8"}],"no_fs_scan":true,"no_subtitle_scan":true}', primary, resume:yes (overridden)
00:01:24.240: Video           [DEBUG]:Playing hls:http://fms.pik-tv.com:1935/live/piktv3pik3tv/playlist.m3u8
00:01:24.240: media           [DEBUG]:Settings initialized for URL hls:http://fms.pik-tv.com:1935/live/piktv3pik3tv/playlist.m3u8 in folder: Music (55) [m3uGroup:http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F1Hbuve6:Music]
00:01:24.243: SVSYNC          [DEBUG]:Set to 0s
00:01:24.245: AVSYNC          [DEBUG]:Set to 0 ms
00:01:24.245: HTTP            [DEBUG]:Reusing connection to fms.pik-tv.com:1935 (cid=24)
00:01:24.245: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:Sending request for http://fms.pik-tv.com:1935/live/piktv3pik3tv/playlist.m3u8 (cid=24)
00:01:24.245: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:> GET /live/piktv3pik3tv/playlist.m3u8 HTTP/1.1
00:01:24.246: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:> User-Agent: Movian Linux/x86_64 4.9.434.g1b404
00:01:24.246: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:> Connection: keep-alive
00:01:24.246: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:> Accept: */*
00:01:24.246: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:> Accept-Encoding: gzip
00:01:24.246: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:> Host: fms.pik-tv.com:1935
00:01:24.274: X11             [DEBUG]:Suspending screensaver
00:01:32.389: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:http://fms.pik-tv.com:1935/live/piktv3pik3tv/playlist.m3u8: Response:
00:01:32.389: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:< HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
00:01:32.389: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:< Accept-Ranges: bytes
00:01:32.389: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:< Server: WowzaStreamingEngine/4.1.0
00:01:32.389: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:< Content-Length: 0
00:01:32.389: HTTP-54         [DEBUG]:< 
00:01:32.389: HTTP            [DEBUG]:Parking connection to fms.pik-tv.com:1935 (cid=24) -- Request destroyed
00:01:32.389: vp              [DEBUG]:Waiting for event

Associated revisions

Revision 99bd7f9f
Added by Andreas Smas about 7 years ago

hls: Add cancellation to HLS playlist loading

Fixes #2619


#1 Updated by Andreas Smas about 7 years ago

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