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Add support for youtube (xml) subtitle format

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Target version:4.10


I added support to Youtube plugin but it need Movian side xml format support.

Example link is: youtube:video:zzfCVBSsvqA


Format is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><transcript><text start="2.102" dur="4.122">So Glasgow got a great theatre,
A lively crowd
And a great atmosphere</text><text start="6.725" dur="2.6">So far though
There is one thing missing</text><text start="9.526" dur="0.7">Talent!</text><text start="12.127" dur="5.9">Yes, tensions are high backstage
As everyone wonders where that
Talent is going to come from?</text><text start="18.228" dur="5.1">Next up is a contestant who thinks
She has what it takes
To put Glasgow on the map</text><text start="24.729" dur="2">Alright
How are you doing?
I&amp;#39;m very well</text><text start="26.83" dur="5.5">My name is Susan Boyle
I&amp;#39;m nearly 48
Currently unemployed but i&amp;#39;m still looking</text><text start="32.331" dur="2.8">I&amp;#39;m going to sing for you on
Britains Got Talent today</text><text start="35.232" dur="4">A little nervous?
Yeah Sure!
That&amp;#39;s not surprising</text><text start="40.133" dur="3.2">At the moment I live
On my own with my cat
Called Pebbles</text><text start="43.434" dur="6.6">i&amp;#39;ve never been married
Never been kissed
Oh shame, but its not and advert!</text><text start="50.335" dur="3.1">Have you done this for many a year?
Since I was twelve</text><text start="54.136" dur="8.4">I have always wanted to
Perform in front of a large audience
I&amp;#39;m going to make that audience ROCK!</text><text start="68.137" dur="6.1">Hi, what&amp;#39;s your name darling?
My name is Susan Boyle
Ok, Susan where are you from?</text><text start="74.438" dur="2.1">I&amp;#39;m from Blackburn
Near Bathgate
West Lothian</text><text start="76.539" dur="4.8">Its a big town?
its a sort of a collection of
A collection of eh</text><text start="82.94" dur="3.8">Villages!
Had to think there
And how old are you Susan?</text><text start="86.741" dur="2.5">I&amp;#39;m 47</text><text start="90.942" dur="4.3">And that&amp;#39;s just one side of me</text><text start="100.143" dur="5.1">Ok whats the dream?
I&amp;#39;m trying to be a professional singer</text><text start="105.244" dur="4.3">And why hasn&amp;#39;t it
Worked out so far Susan?
I haven&amp;#39;t been giving the chance before</text><text start="109.545" dur="4.6">But heres hoping it will change?
Who would you like to be
As successful as?</text><text start="114.346" dur="1.6">Elaine Paige!</text><text start="115.947" dur="1.2">What are you going to
Sing for us?</text><text start="117.248" dur="3.5">I&amp;#39;m going to sing
I Dreamed A Dream
From Les Miserables</text><text start="120.749" dur="6.3">Ok Big Song!
Yeah!</text><text start="137.35" dur="5.7">I dreamed a dream
In time gone by
( Cheering and Applause )</text><text start="144.051" dur="6">When hope was high
And life worth living
( You didnt expect that did you? No )</text><text start="150.052" dur="6.5">I dreamed that love
Would never die</text><text start="157.253" dur="5.5">I dreamed that
God would be forgiving</text><text start="163.454" dur="5.5">Then I was young
And unafraid</text><text start="169.855" dur="7">And dreams were made
And used and wasted</text><text start="177.856" dur="5.8">There was no ransom
to be paid</text><text start="183.757" dur="5.5">No song unsung
No wine untasted</text><text start="190.358" dur="12.7">But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder</text><text start="203.159" dur="19.4">As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame
( Look at that! )</text><text start="222.56" dur="12.6">And still I dream he&amp;#39;ll come to me
That we will live the years together</text><text start="235.361" dur="13.3">But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather</text><text start="251.762" dur="11.1">I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I&amp;#39;m living</text><text start="262.963" dur="15">So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.</text><text start="278.064" dur="10">HUGE APPLAUSE !</text><text start="290.565" dur="8.6">Hey, Come back here, wait, wait
Alright, Thank you very much, Susan
Ok Piers</text><text start="299.366" dur="7.4">Without a doubt that
Is the biggest surprise I have had
In my three years on the show</text><text start="307.767" dur="6.2">When you stood there
With that cheeky grin
And said &amp;quot;I want to be like Elaine Paige&amp;quot;</text><text start="313.968" dur="4.9">And everyone was laughing at you
No-One is laughing now!
That was STUNNING!</text><text start="318.869" dur="4.5">An incredible perfomance
(APPLAUSE)</text><text start="324.17" dur="4.1">Amazing!
I&amp;#39;m reeling from shock
I don&amp;#39;t know what you thought of it?</text><text start="328.371" dur="4.9">I&amp;#39;m so thrilled because
I know everybody was against you</text><text start="333.372" dur="7">I honestly think we were all
Being very cynical and that&amp;#39;s
The biggest wake-up call ever</text><text start="340.373" dur="7.2">And i just want to say
It was a complete privilege
Listening to that (APPLAUSE) (Thank You)</text><text start="348.574" dur="5.4">Susan I knew the minute
You walk out ( Laughter)
Oh Simon!</text><text start="354.075" dur="8.4">On that stage that we were
Going to hear something extraordinary
And I was right ( Laughter)</text><text start="362.576" dur="1.9">What a load of tosh!</text><text start="364.477" dur="5.3">Susan, you are a little tiger
Aren&amp;#39;t you?
I don&amp;#39;t know about that</text><text start="369.778" dur="3.2">You are, Ok, moment of truth
Piers, Yes or No?</text><text start="372.979" dur="5.4">The biggest YES I have
Ever given anybody</text><text start="378.88" dur="8.6">Amanda? Yes, definitley
Susan Boyle, you can go back
To your village</text><text start="387.781" dur="7.5">With your head held high
Its three Yeses</text><text start="397.982" dur="8.9">HUGE APPLAUSE
(Thank you)</text><text start="410.783" dur="4.3">I think you enjoyed
That just a little!
You maybe right</text><text start="415.784" dur="3.3">What a voice!
Incredible</text><text start="419.385" dur="6">Congratulations!
Oh my god!
How do you feel?</text><text start="425.486" dur="1.7">Bloody fantastic</text><text start="427.187" dur="6.7">Piers said thats the biggest YES
He&amp;#39;s ever given on the show
In three series, Oh my god!</text><text start="433.888" dur="5">Mind blowing
The most extraordinary shock
We&amp;#39;ve ever had</text><text start="438.889" dur="7.1">Just so emotional
Unbelieveable, Emotional
And Fantastic</text></transcript>

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