Bug #2363

Forced/default audio tracks sometimes ignored if they aren't the first track

Added by Jordan Scango almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:11/14/2014
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Category:Video playback
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Found in version:4.7.420.ge6a21 Platform:PS3


If you have a video with multiple audio tracks, and the second one has the "default" or "forced" flag, Showtime will attempt to pick both tracks. Usually it ultimately picks the first one, but not always. So to be clear, this issue happens most of the time, but not every time the video is played

Attached are three sample videos.

The first has the first track (jpn) set as default and forced. If English is set as your primary audio language, Showtime will pick it, then pick Japanese (if not, jpn is picked as expected. The other files have the same issue regardless of this setting).

Another has the English track set as default, but again English is picked first until it then switches to jpn, as English is not the first track.

The final file has English set as default and the first track, and this one works as expected.

This is still around in 4.7.486. 4.6.10 doesn't seem to have the issue, but 4.7.171 does.

Finally, here's a log of these things happening as described. http://sprunge.us/iiMQ

Sample_Default_English.mkv - Sample video with the 2nd audio track (eng) having the "default" flag. Doesn't work. (16.6 MB) Jordan Scango, 11/14/2014 02:59 AM

Sample.mkv - Sample video with the 1st audio track (jpn) having the "default" and "forced" flag. Works (16.6 MB) Jordan Scango, 11/14/2014 02:59 AM

Sample_Default_English_first.mkv - Sample video with the audio tracks switched, 1st (eng) having "default". Works. (16.6 MB) Jordan Scango, 11/14/2014 03:01 AM


#1 Updated by Jordan Scango almost 6 years ago

It uploaded my files out of order :/

To be clear, The first example is "Sample.mkv", the 2nd is "Sample_Default_English.mkv", and the final is "Sample_Default_English_first.mkv"

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