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Subtiles loading preferences

Added by Jerome Morrow over 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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When the option "Always try to select a subtitle" is selected, it also necessary to define which one have more preference:
For example:
- First Internal, then External, and then Opensubtitles... or
- First External, then Internal, and then Opensubtitles ..... or
- Only External and Opensubtiles

Well, that's the idea (now, with the newest version of the the program 4.1.405, automatically selected Opensubtitles, instead of External one, but External it's for my the better option.)

One solution could be to add a despicable menu, with the 16 possible combinations:

subs.png (327 KB) Andreas Smas, 06/24/2013 11:35 PM

2013-08-06 19.06.58.jpg (119 KB) liran yzhak, 08/06/2013 10:33 PM

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Added by Andreas Smas about 8 years ago

Rework subtitle provider ordering

It's now possible for the user to freely select the order in which
subtitles should appear.

It's also possible to select on a per-provider base if the provider
should be candidate for automatic selection by Showtime itself

Fixes #1535


#1 Updated by Jerome Morrow over 8 years ago

where it says "despicable menu", must say "drop-down menu" ;)

#2 Updated by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

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#3 Updated by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

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#4 Updated by Ema Nymton over 8 years ago

I'd love more settings too.
Right now I'm playing the movie "The.Talented.Mr.Ripley.1999.BluRay.720p.X264-MySiLU.mkv" without internal or external subtitles and Showtime has automatically enabled the SRT "Apollo.13.1995.1080p.BluRay.x264.YIFY.srt" which is the topmost SRT in my list. It's obviously a wrong mapping and I'd like Showtime to wait for the Open Subtitles query to be completed before making such incorrect mapping.

#5 Updated by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

I agree that the current way it works is quite broken.

But i'm just curious how do you have configured your two first settings in Settings -> Subtitles

Include all subtitle files from the movie directory:


Always try to select a subtitle:

FWIF, I don't even remember exactly what those two settings actually does without having to look at the source code. I think that's a pretty bad sign in itself :-/

#6 Updated by Jerome Morrow over 8 years ago

The firts one "Include all subtitle files from the movie directory:", show on the list all the subtitles of the video folder, but NOT in alphabetic order (if you have many movies all together, this can be a big problem)

The second one "Always try to select a subtitle:", in my opinion, need to be more logic. If I have a subtitle file (internal or external) with the video, that MUST be the selected one, but if not, then use one from opensubtitles.

#7 Updated by Ema Nymton over 8 years ago

Indeed, I too activated both options (I'd rather have a false positive than always manually selecting subtitles).
But I think the "Always try to select a subtitle" is broken, really, as I observed just now:

00:00:58.273: Video [DEBUG]:Starting playback of file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/I.Wish.2011.DVDRip.x264.AC3-Zoo.mkv (matroska,webm)
00:00:58.281: Subscanner [DEBUG]:Starting subtitle scan for Kiseki (imdbid:tt1650453) year:0 season:-1 episode:-1 duration:7725 opensubhash:970b115b3eaa76c3
00:00:58.282: Video [DEBUG]:Scanning for subs in file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/ for I.Wish.2011.DVDRip.x264.AC3-Zoo
00:00:59.026: Video [DEBUG]:VOBSUB file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Air Doll CD1.idx score=3
00:00:59.108: Video [DEBUG]:Selecting subtitle track vobsub:{"idx": "file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Air Doll CD1.idx","sub": "file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Air Doll CD1.sub","index": 0}
00:00:59.109: Video [DEBUG]:VOBSUB file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Air Doll CD2.idx score=3
00:00:59.257: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Audition [Odishon] (1999).srt score=0
00:00:59.258: Video [DEBUG]:VOBSUB file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/I.Wish.2011.DVDRip.x264.AC3-Zoo.idx score=4
00:00:59.272: Video [DEBUG]:Selecting subtitle track file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Audition [Odishon] (1999).srt
00:00:59.272: Subtitles [DEBUG]:Trying to load file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Audition [Odishon] (1999).srt
00:00:59.374: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Nobody.Knows.cd1.ENG.srt score=0
00:00:59.375: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Nobody.Knows.cd1.FR.srt score=0
00:00:59.375: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Nobody.Knows.cd2.ENG.srt score=0
00:00:59.376: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Nobody.Knows.cd2.FR.srt score=0
00:00:59.377: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Shall We Dance (Shall we dansu) (1996).EN.srt score=0
00:00:59.377: Video [DEBUG]:VOBSUB file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Shall We Dance.idx score=3
00:00:59.456: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Tampopo.cd1.eng.srt score=0
00:00:59.456: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Tampopo.cd1.fr.srt score=0
00:00:59.458: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Tampopo.cd2.eng.srt score=0
00:00:59.458: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Tampopo.cd2.fr.srt score=0
00:00:59.459: Video [DEBUG]:SRT file:///dev_usb001/VIDEO/Films japonais/Tokyo.Sonata.2008.x264.DTS-WAF.srt score=0

First, the "Original movie name" as found in TMDB (I've done the mapping before) is used, instead of taking into account the file name.

Second, there's a vobsub file in the same directory with the exact same name than the movie but its weight is lower than the Audition one (this is the subtitle that's been automatically selected).

#8 Updated by Jerome Morrow over 8 years ago

Will be great if this issue could be fixed. Its a little annoying, even the correct subtitle are on the folder, the program always select another from opensubtitles (some times not the best choice)

#9 Updated by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

I've been thinking about this a little bit and I think a good idea is to provide a list of all subtitle providers just as there is a list of metadata providers.

And then you can move them up and down using SELECT + DPAD (just as you can with metadata providers) to arrange the order you want them to kick in.

There is one additional thing that come into play and that's the language filtering that you can specify in languages.

Either they could take precedence over the list of providers or the list of providers take precedence of languages.

So let's say I have opensubtitles installed the list could be something like this

  • Opensubtitles
  • External file
  • Embedded track in file

And if I then have configured swe as primary langauge and eng as secondary it could either try this as

  1. Opensubtitles (Swedish)
  2. External file (Swedish)
  3. Emebbed track in file (Swedish)
  4. Opensubtitles (English)
  5. External file (English)
  6. Emebbed track in file (English)

or it could work like this:

  1. Opensubtitles (Swedish)
  2. Opensubtitles (English)
  3. External file (Swedish)
  4. External file (English)
  5. Emebbed track in file (Swedish)
  6. Emebbed track in file (English)

There is one additional open that I think is the most flexible (but would require a bit more work) and that is to multiply the configured providers with the configured languages

  • Opensubtitles + Swe
  • External file + Swe
  • Embedded track in file + Swe
  • Opensubtitles + Eng
  • External file + Eng
  • Embedded track in file + Eng

and then you can shuffle then around any way you want to.

Those are my thoughts right now.. Opinions.. Ideas?

#10 Updated by Tiago windcrusher over 8 years ago

good Andreas

For me not see the need of third option (that merges the language with the provider), the option 1 is best, (order by provider, language). The third option I see no need as often opensubtitle is more than a legend in the same language.

I wish it was adding download option. Could be manual, when watching the film enters the list of subtitles and performs the download of use. But better would be automatic, mark the setting that should be downloaded from the "Opensubtitle used" - when it is used by more than X seconds this will be copied to the directory. (The option could be: automatic subtitle Download: always, never, ask, 5 secs, 10 secs, 30 secs, 60 secs).

Another need would also be the option to browse subtitle, so if the subtitle is not in the same directory could select it.

Some torrents arrive so:
  moviefolder \ subtitlefolder

#11 Updated by Jerome Morrow over 8 years ago

Excellent!! Any solution for the order configuration will be a great improvement.

The download option also could be configurable (auto or manual).

#12 Updated by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

Just want to let you know that I'm working on ths.

The plan is now to add each of the subtitle sources as metadata providers:

As you might notice I'm also about to add support for a central sub directory where the user can put any subs and they will be searched too.

#13 Updated by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

... and to reiterate. The user can use SELECT + DPAD to change order of the subtitle providers (and thus control the priority)

#14 Updated by Jerome Morrow over 8 years ago

Really excellent news. The "central subtitle folder" was also requested here :-)

Please, please, please work on this others features too:

[PS3] Option to configure Subtitles position

[PS3] Manually search Subtitles
(This last one could be ever more direct/fast than a central sub folder)


#15 Updated by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

Andreas Öman wrote:

... and to reiterate. The user can use SELECT + DPAD to change order of the subtitle providers (and thus control the priority)

.. and I will probably move it to the Subtitles settings group instead of the Metadata group just to keep all subtitle settings in one place.

#16 Updated by Andreas Smas about 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Fixed
  • % Done changed from 0 to 100

#17 Updated by Andreas Smas about 8 years ago

  • Target version changed from 33 to 4.4

Now i'm gonna work on the other issues mentioned in this issue.

#18 Updated by Ema Nymton about 8 years ago

That's awesome! I think you fixed the most annoying Showtime bug :D

#19 Updated by liran yzhak about 8 years ago

Can you explain me please what the syntax of central folder path location

i mean if i create "SUBS" folder on my External HDD what i need to write in central folder path

Thanks , Andreas you make good job. :)

#20 Updated by liran yzhak about 8 years ago

Ok, I found the syntax , example: external HDD on right USB port this path ///dev_usb000/foldername

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