Testing track is updated now and then depending on when there are new features that need testing

Playstation 3

movian-5.0.546.pkg Installable package 8.56 MB
movian-5.0.546.self Signed ELF 8.53 MB
movian-gh-5.0.546.pkg Installable package 8.56 MB

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit

showtime-dbg_5.0.546_amd64.deb Installable package 13.9 MB
showtime_5.0.546_amd64.deb Installable package 5.8 MB

Mac OS X

Movian-5.0.546.zip Zip file 7.03 MB


movian_api15_armeabi-5.0.546.apk Android Application Package 7.2 MB
movian_api15_x86-5.0.546.apk Android Application Package 7.15 MB

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit

showtime-dbg_5.0.546_i386.deb Installable package 13.3 MB
showtime_5.0.546_i386.deb Installable package 5.8 MB

Raspberry Pi

Please visit STOS Download page for SD card images

Google Chrome

Available in Google Chrome store