Is there no Mac OS X users?

Added by Kal-El Junior almost 11 years ago

Just wondering? :P

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RE: Is there no Mac OS X users? - Added by Andreas Smas almost 11 years ago

Not that many no... I have two MACs though but I don't really use Showtime on any of those.

RE: Is there no Mac OS X users? - Added by Mattias Wadman almost 11 years ago

I don't use it that much ether and i don't own a PS3 or a good HTPC at the moment.. actually i mostly use VLC and stream via HTTP from a server using my girl friends computer :) i guess it's a case of shoemaker's children :)

RE: Is there no Mac OS X users? - Added by Alexandre Zia over 10 years ago

I am using my MacOSX for development, but then I compile the PS3 port and use it on my PS3/TV set.

Basically I am changing showtime to fit my needs and personal preferences.
- PS3 BD Remote control behavior, I changed the Pause button: if you click it pauses movie, if you click it again it resumes movie (this is very intuitive though).
- Subtitles (that was driving me crazy) if a movie does not have external subtitles, showtime was loading any subtitle it found from other movies. I changed to: if a movie does not have subtitle, do not load subtitles at all!!!
- Show file name in file listing, if a file have a title in its metadata, showtime was using the title instead of filename. It happens that sometimes a file had a title in other language that I cant understand (chinese, ...) or some times a title starts by a different word, and that item apears as 'unsorted' and thus difficult to find. So I changed to: use file name in listing, not movie title.
- I added an icon to identify Images in file listing
- Other annoying one: ASS/SSA subtitle style override, showtimes was not overriding font & size, sometimes a movie comes with ridiculous ASS/SSA settings, and I always prefer default subtitles settings.

So MacOsX port is very important to me, as I use it to develop and test my modifications.

RE: Is there no Mac OS X users? - Added by Mattias Wadman over 10 years ago

I have some updates to the OSX port locally that i hope i can get in shape, better coreaudio (start of digital passthru) and some general cleanup as i know cocoa and objective-c much better now then two years ago.