Game network under Xavi

Added by Jan Olsson over 9 years ago


I have tried Showtime and are excited on the progress of the program.

When i was browsing around to check what exist i noticed the game network and that it contained alot of "roms"
So i checked it and noticed there was alot of roms for Amiga, nes and so on.

In my younger days i played alot of "oil imperium" and i noticed that one existed under Amiga roms
But no roms are working and i was wondering what are these "roms" for. Is it just videos of people playing this roms
or is it actually games that you can play in Showtime?
If it is games how to set it up?

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RE: Game network under Xavi - Added by Andreas Smas over 9 years ago

There's no game emulator in Showtime so playing any games wont work.

Perhaps it's just videos.