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Added by Andrew Jakobs over 4 years ago

Movian really has problems with SMB it seems.
Due to my old router dying I had to setup a new router, it had a new network range (192.168.0.x instead of 192.168.1.x as before), Windows 10 also setup a new network, but I have set everything correct (I think):
-private profile
advanced sharing settings (private):
-network discovery ON
-file/printer sharing ON

When I go to Local Network in Movian, it shows nothing (except when I have my Universal Media Server (Streaming server) turned on).
I have this problem with the PS3 version (5.0.548, update set to 'bleeding edge') and with the Android version (5.0.546).

When I check the eventviewer - applications and services logs - microsoft - windows - smbserver - audit, I can see the following event every time I try to open 'Local network' (IP-adres differs between PS3 and Android):

This event indicates that a client attempted to access the server using SMB1. To stop auditing SMB1 access, use the Windows PowerShell cmdlet Set-SmbServerConfiguration.

When I use ES file explorer on Android and go to LAN, it shows the server and it works once I have entered the credentials, the security log in the eventviewer shows errors if I try incorrect credentials.

So how do I get it to work again, as I rather use Movian, than DNLA Streaming which does work, but there I don't have the ability to adjust subtitles/audio settings.

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RE: No local network - Added by Dean Kasabow over 4 years ago

Use the search bar on the Home screen and enter the address of your router/share manually - for example:


If it doesn't work because of the security version of the smb-protocol you can try:


Replace the IP with the address of your router.

RE: No local network - Added by Andrew Jakobs over 4 years ago

Thank you very much, that did the trick, now I at least have a workaround.

The share I try is a local PC (windows 10, patched with the latest updates, but not yet the October upgrade) connected to the new router (tp-link archer C7 v2)), once I entered the address it asked for username/password and then i worked like a charm.

So any idea what might be the problem why Movian doesn't see the share when I use 'Local network'?

I have no idea if it might be a problem with the router itself (if there is a setting which I need to (un)check)